Weekend Review: Heritage Parade, Back 2 School Bash, and Othello International Music & Arts Festival

by Susan Fried

In arguably South Seattle’s most event-packed weekend this summer, the Rainier Valley Heritage Parade transformed Rainier Avenue into a playground for a day, the Rainier Beach Back 2 School Bash provided supplies and motivation for South End students for the upcoming school year, and the Othello Park International Music and Arts Festival showcased the area’s vast diversity through song, dance, food, and (of course) a camel petting zoo.

25th Annual Rainier Valley Heritage Parade & Festival / Columbia City/ Saturday, August 12 

Heritage Parade Teen -1

Heritage Parade parade watchers-1

Heritage Parade misc-1

Heritage Parade 10a-Rainier Dance 5-1

Heritage Parade 10a-Rainier Dance 2-1

Heritage Parade boyscouts 2-1

Heritage Parade -parade watchers 2-1

Heritage Parade 1a-1

Heritage Parade 2a-1

Heritage Parade Princesses of Elegance 2-1

Heritage Parade Princesses of Elegance-1

Heritage Parade misc 2-1-2

Heritage Parade judges-1

Heritage Parade 5a-1

Heritage Parade 8a-Teen Musical-1

Heritage Parade 9a-Teen Musical-1

Heritage Parade 7a-Teen Musical-1

Heritage Parade misc 7-1

Heritage Parade misc 1a-1

Heritage Parade Diamonds 3-1

Heritage Parade Diamonds-1

Heritage Parade 9a-Diamonds-1

Heritage Parade misc MC-1

Heritage Fest 4-1

Heritage Fest 5-1

Heritage Fest 6-1

Heritage Fest 1-1

Heritage Fest 2-1

Heritage Fest 3-1


Back 2 School Bash/ Rainier Beach/ Saturday, August 12

Back Pack Give Away 7-1

Back Pack 10-1

Back Pack Give Away 2-1

Back Pack Give Away 5-1

Back Pack Give Away 6-1

Back Pack 9-1

Back Pack 8-1

Back Pack Give Away 1-1

Back Pack 14-1

Back Pack 13-1

Back Pack RBAC 2-1

Back Pack -dancing-1

Back Pack Give Away 3-1

Back Pack -5-1


Othello Park International Musics and Arts Festival /Othello / Sunday, August 13

Othello A-1

Othello B-1

Othello C-1

Othello 3-1

Othello 20-1

Othello 4-1

Othello 5-1

Othello 7-1

Othello 6-1

Othello 9A-1

Othello 10-1

Othello 14-1

Othello 13-1

Othello 8-1


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