Police Investigating Lucky Dragonz Shooting That Left 2 Dead

by Emerald Staff

The King County Sheriff’s office says that two men died after a shooting at Lucky Dragonz Casino/ Skyway Park Bowl early Friday morning, and suspect a third person has some involvement in the incident.

None of the men have yet been identified. No information has been provided about the third suspect.

Witnesses say they began hearing a stream of shots near Lucky Dragonz roughly around 1 a.m.

Sheriff’s deputies and medical personal soon responded  to the scene, finding two men with multiple gunshot wounds near the back of the bar.

One of the deceased was a man in his 20s who was pronounced dead at the scene. Medics took the other man to Harborview Medical Center, and died white undergoing emergency surgery a few hours later. He was believed to be in his late 50s

Officers on the scene say they found a handgun but did not specify if it was used in the shooting or belonged to either of the two deceased men.

The incident rocked many local residents who woke up to it on the morning news broadcast.

“Stuff like this is never good. I’m praying for the families of the men but I’m really curious if they lived here. There’s always a lot of a bad apples bringing their mess to us,” says Colleen Murphy, who lives in an apartment complex near Skyway Park, a stone’s throw from the shooting.

“We have an outdoor movie going on tonight and a parade tomorrow. As bad as this is, we can’t let the negative stuff win,” says Murphy, who still plans on attending both of the neighborhood events.

Deputies are still interviewing witnesses and looking at surveillance video to determine more details about the shooting, and are asking anyone with any information to come forward.