Sunday Stew: Dear America

by Nakeya Isabell

Dear America, 
Land of the free but home of the slaves
I just wanna be free
I don’t want the fame
These systems try to way us down
These systems they want to keep us bound
America Dear America

Dear America,
I want you to know all lives matter so yes that includes Black lives too!
And No need to get defensive.
Please listen to hear, And not to speak of your ignorance.
Our mother’s, father’s and children are crying,
While our corpse hit the pavement
Bang bang, Pop you pulled the trigger again because of your trained fear,
It’s these systems
So you ask why Kapernick doesn’t reverence your flag
But I ask why don’t you admire his response to injustice.
I’m tired of the excuses you use to justify the crime that our very law prohibits
Stop allowing your indecisive unpredictable emotions to kill our fellow citizens
Impulsive emotion can be destructive
Don’t you remember that race was a manmade idea to give power to one group and to control others
Can’t you see that you are just repeating painful cycles of history that are dividing and not uniting us?
What would you like me to tell the youth I serve everyday?
I can’t justify your actions as they see themselves, their brothers and sisters become your target,
And We want it to stop,
But I wonder if you’ll ever choose to listen?

The People


Painting by Matt Furman


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