South End Stew: Fallen Silent

by Sean Smith

(This poem honors those who have died in King County this year due to a lack of shelter) 

What makes an indelible impression

Danial Jackson Sodo

Nicole Williams 7900 Aurora N

Kevin W. Bouwkamp MLKWay E Cherry

What stops you in your tracks

Bruce Sarvis Unkown

Robert Truvino Northgate Library

Hong Ha Unkown

Death stalks the streets

Patrice Pitts 619 3rd Ave

Drew Fife Federal Way

David Chaney 2501 N Northlake Way

Killing the most vulnerable among us

Paul Hitchye JR Federal Way

Paul Duran Aruora Ave N  E John

Lennete Deffley Unkown

Stalking the poor

Mark Rice Franklin Ave E/E Blaine

Kerry Ewing Terminal 30

 James McGinnis 8th Ave/Pike

Taking their lives

Ryan Patterson Kent

Michael Barney 130th/Aroura

Michael Draman Kent

If this were a disease

Jennifer Welch Edgar Martinez Way / 4th Ave S

Sean Boarman 4649 Sunnyside N

Anahiah McCarrell 26380 Pac Hwy S

They would call it an epidemic

Armando Brouwer 13050 Aruora N

Kalin Lubben 2101 SW Sunset

Kelly Hall 9th SW/ SW Henderson

You would demand action

Tobias Adams 107th/ Northgate Way

Dianna Newton 226 Aroura

Nicole Popescu Central Library

We would hold our leaders

Dormand McGraw 3rd 1404 3rd

Chester Williams Pac Hwy S/S 240th

Kirstyn Outen Ballard

To coming up with salutations

Heather Rae Vincent Tukwilla

Scott Persons 3rd / Union

Carlos Huaman 4th / Pine

But socially we fall mute

Douglas X Smith Tukwilla

Dillion Phillip Graham Myers Way/ Hwy 209

Willie B. Tedder I5 / Dearborn

As they are pushed around

James Ehlinger SW 107th/15th SW

Steven Carroll Maple Valley QFC

Leighton Dupree 9th/Pike

Swept 601 times

Brett Reyes 9th/PIKE

Robert Lee Latschaw I5 Overpass / NE 50th

David Dancause Poplar Pl./Bush Pl. S

Their things taken and trashed

 Elysha Hayes 7th Ave S / S Snoqualmie

 Keith Ice Ayson Highline

Chester Colby 1st/Virgina

Criminalized for their meager existence

Jerald Battee Rnton

Kristie Mae Garris Aloha / E Eastlake

Dashaun Griffin 7th NE/ NE 50th

All hope and dignity bulldozed under

Anthony James Brown Kent

Tyrone Gathings Linden N/ N 137th

John Bethel 2101 N Northlake Way

Amir Budathoki 800 block S Weller

These nameless deaths

Ted Williams 215 W Motor

Anthony Tony Hudson Salmon Bay

Anthony Moss SODO

Of those we knew not

Charles Furman SeaTac

Marc Stokes Lake City

Darrell Williams I5 Convention Place

Without four walls

Diana Vandecar 9th/ Jackson

Stephen Zaragoza Auburn

To shelter and protect them

Jefferson Gordy S Washington/Pioneer Square

Sarah Simmons 102nd/Aurora

Who died alone and have

Robert Joel “Skittles”Brown 50th/7th NE

Christen Beaty 130th/Lake City Way

(all) fallen silent

Featured painting by Tony Caviston


One thought on “South End Stew: Fallen Silent”

  1. Shout out to my friend Marcus for publishing this price. I need to shout to the We on in Black as well. It’s because of there efforts over the last 15 ought years that we know the names.