How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

by Emily McKelvey

You may not have time to prepare a nutritious meal when travelling for the holidays, but here are a few tips from the Rainier Health and Fitness team to keep you from totally caving to fast foods:

  1. Carry a water bottle. Don’t forget to drink or discard before going through security if you’re flying. Drinking plenty of water keeps your body hydrated while traveling and helps you avoid becoming bloated. Water bottles with built-in filters like the LIFE Filter Bottle help combat illness during flu season and getting sick when traveling abroad. 
  1. Pack some snacks. Equip yourself with packages of mixed nuts, baby carrots, hummus, rye or rice crackers, oranges and string cheese to prevent resorting to junk food options at quick stops.
  1. Tuck a few bags of herbal tea in your purse or carry-on. When the stewardess offers you a complimentary soft drink, ask for hot water instead then steep your favorite flavor for a warm, soothing drink.
  1. Carry oatmeal packets for a simple yet fiber-rich breakfast or between-meal snack. You can make easily with hot water in a hotel room or ask a stewardess for hot water (don’t forget to pack a few disposable spoons!). If flying, put the packets in zip-lock bag to avoid exploding in suitcase.
  1. Save your waist AND your wallet. Upon reaching your destination, stop by a local grocery store and stock up on healthy snacks, fresh fruit and oatmeal.
  1. When eating out, order entrees rich in protein and veggies. Avoid the glazed donuts and pasta slathered in creamy sauces.
  1. Split an entry with a close friend or partner, especially if it’s dessert. You don’t want to completely deprive yourself while everyone else is having a good time, but you don’t have to binge either.
  1. If you MUST stop at fast food, select ones that offer healthier, locally-sourced items such as Burgerville or Taco Time.

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Emily McKelvey calls Rainier Health & Fitness her second home and not just because she works there! At RHF she joins with other members of our South Seattle community to exercise, dance, stretch and get healthy. An avid traveler, Emily has practiced every one of these tips in various forms from a balcony in Bangladesh to a beachside of Baja California.