South End Stew: Real Peace

by Georgia S. McDade

Real peace means no war, of course.

But real peace demands so much more

            than no war.

Though no war is an excellent


Peace requires no fear of war.

The physical body must be safe.

There is more than adequate food,

            shelter, attire.

And there is no worry that any one—not

            to mention all three—will disappear.

This physical body gets preventive

            medical and dental care and

            treatment when needed.

And there is no worry that benefits will

            be reduced or exhausted nor service


The mental body must be at least equally

            safe; some might argue safer.

Peace provides space for education,

a good, solid education full of

knowledgeable teachers who

recognize the humanity of all and do     

not see differences as inferiority.

Questioning without fear of

             repercussion is ever the case.

Peace also allows spiritual development

            of any and every variety.

Again there is no fear.

The stress created by the lack of any one of the above can shatter peace, shatter peace            overtly or maybe covertly, but shatter peace nevertheless.

And all of us are not always like the oyster; the stress does not always

result in our creating pearls though this stress may indeed make us shells of        ourselves.

Finally, real peace allows us to pursue happiness as we see fit when that pursuit harms           no one.

Opportunity and justice permeate this paradise.

The ever-present governor without exception recognizes that no pursuit of the ultimate personhood and real peace diminishes another or the other.  

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