Seattle’s MLK Celebrations

by Susan Fried

Reflection, service, and community were hallmarks of Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations throughout Seattle this past weekend, proving his legacy’s alive and well.

2018 4th Annual City of Seattle MLK Unity Day – January 11 (Featuring Malcolm X’s Daughter Ilyasah Shabazz)

Malcolm X's daughter 1

Malcolm X's daughter 7

Malcolm X's daughter 4

Malcolm X's daughter 8

Malcolm X's daughter 9

Malcolm X's daughter 13

Malcolm X's daughter 17

Malcolm X's daughter 14

Malcolm X's daughter 16

Malcolm X's daughter 12


Non-violence in a Violent World 45th Annual Community Celebration of Martin Luther King Jr at Mt. Zion Church – January 13

Mt Zion 10

Mt Zion 1

Mt Zion 5

Mt Zion 4

Mt Zion 15

Mt Zion 8

Mt Zion 9

Mt Zion 7

Mt Zion 17

Mt Zion 12


The Mission Continues: Veterans from the Seattle 1st Platoon Help Renovate the Ethiopian Community Center in Rainier Beach for MLK Day of Service – January 14

The mission Continues 1

The mission Continues 2

The mission Continues 3

The mission Continues 4

The mission Continues 10

The mission Continues 11


Make Your Voice Heard 2018: An MLK Day Youth Advocacy Workshop Combating Islamophobia and Antisemitism – January 13

Make Your voice heard 1

Make Your voice heard 2

Make Your voice heard 7

Make Your voice heard 11

Make Your voice heard 3


Dr. King Hip-Hop Birthday Celebration Party at Cafe Ibex – January 14

MLK hip hop bday 6

MLK hip hop bday 2

MLK hip hop bday 7

MLK hip hop bday 8

MLK hip hop bday 4

MLK hip hop bday 3

MLK hip hop bday 1

MLK hip hop bday 9

MLK hip hop bday 12

MLK hip hop bday 11


MLK 36th Annual MLK Celebration and March at Garfield High School (Take a Knee for Justice) – January 15

MLK-Garfield 2

MLK-Garfield 1

MLK-Garfield 6

MLK-Garfield 4

MLK-Garfield 8

MLK-Garfield 10

MLK-Garfield 12

MLK-Garfield 11

MLK-Garfield 13

MLK-Garfield 14

MLK-Garfield 15

MLK-Garfield 16

MLK-Garfield 17

MLK-Garfield 18

MLK-Garfield 19

MLK-Garfield 20

MLK-Garfield 21

MLK-Garfield 22

MLK-Garfield 23

MLK-Garfield 25

MLK-Garfield 29

MLK-Garfield 30

MLK-Garfield 31

MLK-Garfield 35

MLK-Garfield 34

MLK-Garfield 33

Susan Fried is a Seattle based freelance journalist whose work has appeared in The Seattle Globalist and Skanner newspapers. 


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