Moonspinners Throwing “Swinging 60s Shindig” in Columbia City

by Gus Marshall

Friday, the Moonspinners will bring their swinging bag of uncover-able covers to the Royal Room.

The Moonspinners (named after the 1964 Disney motion picture) play an eclectic mix of Soul/Pop/Rock/Rhythm & Blues and Jazz covers with the occasional original tune snuck in. What ties the whole package together despite their wide array of influences and genres is the sound and attitude of 1960s pop.

Each member of the Moonspinners has completed their fair share of musical homework playing in this ultimate 1960s cover band. While mimicking the original recordings, no detail, from bass line to guitar solo to harmony or riff goes by without minute and caring attention. The result is an uncanny resemblance to the original records delivered live with an impeccable vibe.

Leading the sonic charge is front-woman and vocal virtuoso Annabella Kirby. Utilizing an outstanding control and understanding of the vintage material, Kirby’s pure voice and straight forward delivery uses little to no vibrato or cliché vocal inflections, embodying the sound and spirit of a 1960s girl group pop star.

Their vast and continuously growing musical catalog ranges from 1960s Top 40 radio hits to obscure cultish art rock, then retreating back to formulaic dream pop before taking hard turn in the direction of early punk/glam rock. This extremely vibrant, fun loving, get you off your butt and dance band is definitely worth the trip to the Royal Room.

What: The Moonspinners 

Where: The Royal Room. 5000 Rainier Ave S

When: Friday January 26, 2018

Cost: Cover By Donation 

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