Columbia Thrift is a New Neighborhood Gift

by Robin Boland

Are you drowning in ‘stuff’ and looking for ways to help your community? Then this article is for you!

Columbia Thrift located in the lower level of 3722 S. Hudson Street, is your opportunity to rave about the least expensive spot in Columbia City. With clothing for all ages, accessories and household items for the discerning thrift shopper, Columbia Thrift has something no else in the neighborhood can offer: a dollar table! Is there anything in CC for a dollar? I don’t think so (but please let me know if you find it).

Columbia Thrift is the brainchild of Annette and Javan Jones of Jones Community Solutions, an organization aimed at providing support and services for families in need. Their new thrift shop is a natural extension of their company’s goals, offering stylish and affordable gear to the community while helping support our neighbors in need and providing an opportunity to ‘recycle’ excess belongings. It’s a win-win really, some have too much stuff, some are in need. Why not join those two groups together in one place?

I learned that donations to Columbia Thrift reach far beyond the confines of the physical address and are gifted to a wide range of neighborhood organizations including area shelters, tiny house villages and other community outreach groups. When I visited the shop on Thursday they were preparing bags of warm hats & gloves to cover cold heads & hands in our community.

It’s a known problem that in our society we tend to consume and discard at an alarming rate. Honestly, my depression era grandparents would freak out at the ever-growing amount of possessions we buy and then promptly forget about (they spookily yell at me about leaving the fridge door open too). Columbia Thrift is offering the community an opportunity to adjust that consumer relationship, to buy less and give away more.

So, before buying yourself something new please consider first dropping by your neighborhood thrift store for a ‘new to you’ item and, as an extension of this the next time you’re cleaning out your closet or cupboard consider donating your gently used household items, clothing and accessories to Columbia Thrift.

Your grandparents will thank you.

Robin Boland is a Hillman City Resident and known as “little bird” to her friends.