“Women Hold Up the Whole Sky”: Seattle’s International Women’s Day Celebrations

by Susan Fried (words and photos)

Thursday saw no shortage of International Women’s Day celebrations across Seattle. Some celebrants braved the rain to rally for an end to violence against women and capitalism, some honored local change makers championing women’s rights, while others highlighted the continued struggles of women worldwide.

But all stood on the side of women and men who fight to ensure equity and justice for women everywhere.

Safety is Our Right! International Women’s Day Rally Seattle/ Westlake Park

IWD-Westlake -Sawant 9-1

IWD-Westlake -Sawant 6-1

IWD-Westlake -Sawant 4-1

IWD-Westlake -Sawant 5-1

IWD-Westlake -Sawant 8-1

IWD-Westlake -Sawant 6-1

IWD-Westlake -Sawant 1-1

International Working Women’s Day Celebration/ Filipino Community Center

IWD-Working Women 18-1

IWD-ethiopian 1-1-2

IWD-Working Women 17-1

IWD-Working Women 14-1

IWD-Working Women 13-1

IWD-Working Women 12-1

IWD-Working Women 9-1

IWD-Working Women 5-1

IWD-Working Women 3-1

IWD-Working Women 7-1


#PressforProgress Girl Rising- International Women’s Day!

IWD-girl rising 8-1

IWD-girl rising 9-1

IWD-girl rising 6-1

IWD-girl rising 5-1

IWD-girl rising 7-1

IWD-girl power-1

IWD-girl rising 3-1

IWD-girl rising 2-1




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