#Skyway Games: Cooperation Rules

by Skyway Library and PlaytestNW

April 21 is a very exciting day for Skyway, it is going to be the grand opening of RAYS (Renton Area family & Youth Service) Cynthia A Green Family AND Health Center! In collaboration with Health Point The Cynthia A Green center with now be offering physical health services along with the top-notch social and mental health services they have been supplying to the Skyway community for years. The Skyway Library and Playtest Northwest are THRILLED that we will be able to partner with RAYS’ grand opening celebration with our next Mini Game Day! And we could not have chosen a better theme for this month’s Mini Game Day then Cooperative! Mini-Game Day will take place Saturday, April 21, 12-5pm!

Come and play games where all the players collaborate to win together! Can you imagine a more fun way to build our community in skyway then by playing cooperative games? We know we can’t! So whether you want to come and play RPG’s (Role Playing Games, both classic and homegrown), or play a board game; Mini Game Day promises to bring the community together to work together while we play together.



Designer: Zephyr Workshop

Recommended Ages: 10+

Game Length: 45 minutes

Florafiora is a cooperative adventure game where three players take control of ‘Seedizens’ representing Spring, Summer, and Fall explore and connect a tiny universe of planets in search of their homes in the face of the harsh forces of Winter and the ancient beings that inhabit it. Florafiora is special because it brings about a unique and enchanting universe to play in and interact with, represented by highly stylized art.

When asked what inspired the creation of Florafiora we were told, “The desire to collaborate with a great artist I had known for a long time.” And that makes sense considering this beautiful artwork by Emily Hancock.

Be sure to follow the game at twitter.com/florafiora. Zephyr Workshop’s main game, AEGIS Combining Robots, is coming out very soon! You can find out more and pre-order it at robotstrategygame.com – It’s a cool 30-minute tactics game inspired by Power Rangers and Voltron, and there is a lot of game-play bang for your buck in the box.


Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeon Master: Benjamin Meader

Recommended ages: 12+

Game Length: 3-4 hours

It’s been a long time since the people of Welton have worried about anything more frightening than sheep ticks or a late frost, but a now a pack of strangely determined wolves is driving farmers from their fields and spiriting away entire flocks in the middle of the night. With food supplies running low and their sorcerer-in-residence nowhere to be found, the village council sends out a desperate plea for brave adventurers to destroy the beasts for good. Is the job as easy as a walk in the woods, or is there more to the Wolves of Welton than mere animal cunning? There’s only one way to find out…

We are very lucky to have Benjamin Meader as our Dungeon Master for the day, a former organizer for Seattle Role Playing Meetup. When asked why he had run a Meetup group he said, “I wanted to meet new players and have a place for others to do the same.” We asked Benjamin why he loves RPG’s, and he told us “The idea that you can take on new personas and create new worlds.” When asked what made the game he was bringing special Benjamin spelled it out for us. “It’s D&D, The Godfather of RPGs. Players have to work together if they want to succeed. it is truly a team activity.”

And while Benjamin no longer runs a Meetup, “there are great ones out there. https://www.meetup.com/Seattle-Dungeons-and-Dragons/ is a good one for players looking to join a group.”


Flatout Games

Recommended Ages: 12+

Game Length: 45 Minutes

Rewild is a co-operative tile-laying, a bag-building game for 1-4 animals fed up with greedy, polluting humans! The raccoon, bear, owl, and fox must use the cover of night to sneak around the land, seed-bombing polluting cities and rewilding the world! They must be cautious, however, because when day breaks the humans push back, destroying the progress of the animals and threatening to eliminate their shelter. This engaging round-based real-time adventure encourages quick thinking, collaboration, and creativity. The simple gameplay, spatial puzzle, real-time play, and light push-your-luck aspect of satchel building make Rewild a challenging cooperative game.

Keep track of Rewild and all the fun games Flatout Games makes on Twitter @FlatoutGames!

Sidekick Quests

Designers: James Stowe and Anna Izenman

Publisher: James Stowe Illustration

Recommended Ages: 6+

Game Length: 1 hour or more

Sidekick Quests is a fantasy roleplaying games for the whole family designed to introduce roleplaying games to new and younger players. Sidekick Quests is meant for younger players as a stepping off point into the roleplaying game hobby. It is also a webcomic that presents the world of the game in an ongoing all ages story parents and children can read together.

Please keep track of the game and its companion comic at sidekickquests.com!

Please stay up to date on the amazing gaming events PlaytestNW does throughout the PNW on our website.

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