South End Weekend Review: Honk Fest, Be’er Sheva Park, Northwest Tap

by Susan Fried (words and photos)

Summer may not officially commence until June 21 but you wouldn’t know it from this past weekend in South Seattle. From Friday to Sunday, the city’s South End was packed with fun events for the entire family.

Kicking off Friday in Georgetown, with stops in White Center on Saturday, Columbia City on Sunday, Honk Fest West – the annual community music festival featuring street bands playing in public spaces- performed to enthusiastic crowds.

Saturday featured numerous opportunities for fun in South Seattle including the annual Beacon Hill Festival, the Grand Design Celebration at Be’er Sheva Park, the Northwest Tap Connection Show at the Paul Robeson Auditorium at Rainier Beach High School and half a dozen other events.  

The weekend closed out Sunday with the Rainier Beach community getting a chance to see the new design for the future Detective Cookie Chess Park at the corner of Rainier Ave S and Barton Place South.

Honk Fest West 2018 (Georgetown and Columbia City)

Honk Fest 1-1

Honk Fest Gtown 3-1

Honk Fest 2-1

Honk Fest 6-1

Honk Fest Gtown 6a-1

Honk Fest -15-1

Honk Fest -20-1

Honk Fest -18-1

Honk Fest -21-1

Honk Fest 10-1

Honk Fest GTown 1-1

Honk Fest GTown-1

Honk Fest 9-1

Honk Fest -19-1


Beacon Hill Festival

Beacon Hill Festival B-1

Beacon Hill Festival A-1

Beacon Hill Fest 12-1

Beacon Hill Fest 13-1

Beacon Hill Fest 7-1

Beacon Hill Fest 9-1

Beacon Hill Fest 10-1

B Hill 2-1

B Hill 3-1


Grand Design Celebration at Be’er Sheva Park

Be'er Shiva A-1-2

Be,er Shiva Park 2-1

Be,er Shiva Park 4-1

Be,er Shiva Park 3-1

Be,er Shiva Park 5-1

Be,er Shiva Park 6-1

Be,er Shiva Park 7-1

Be,er Shiva Park 9-1

Be,er Shiva Park 10-1

Be,er Shiva Park 12-1

Be,er Shiva Park 8-1

Be,er Shiva Park 11-1

Be'er Shiva A-1

Be'er Shiva B-1


Northwest Tap Connection Show at the Paul Robeson Auditorium (Rainier Beach High School)

NW Tap 1-1

NW Tap 3-1

NW Tap 4-1

NW Tap 6-1

NW Tap 8a-1

NW Tap B-1

NW Tap D-1

NW Tap E-1

NW Tap I-1

NW Tap 4b-1

NW Tap 7-1

NW Tap 9-1

Detective Cookie Chess Park Conception

CHESS 8-1(1)

CHESS 10-1


CHESS 18-1(1)

CHESS 19-1


CHESS 3-1(1)

CHESS 4-1(1)

CHESS 6-1(1)

CHESS 12-1

CHESS 14-1(1)

CHESS 15-1(1)

CHESS 16-1

CHESS 9-1(1)


CHESS 13-1