South End Stew: Little Birds

by Tiffani Jones

Fly little birds, fly
Fly over the obstacles that being here can create
Fly from the nightmares of our past that we hate
Fly towards the future of equality and hope we’re not late
Fly for those who fled from the horror in their town
And are now being forced back because they’re different shades of brown.

Run little birds, run
Run from the injustice threatening to drag us back
Run from the wall of paperwork pulling us into the black
Run when your wings can no longer fly
Run until they start to question themselves why
And they begin to understand our calls and cries.

Walk little birds, walk
Walk under the blistering heat of the desert lands
Walk through the raging waters and rough sand
Walk right into these confusing borderlands
Walk until there is no longer a blowing wind
And they put those restricting laws to an end.

And lastly, sit little birds, sit
They’ll soon realize they’re the same as you and me.

So sit little birds, sit
Be little birds…until you’re free little birds.


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