South End Stew: Tears

by K.D. Senior

Those who meet must part,
so they treasured every meeting,
because passionate love is short,
and happiness fleeting.
The war of attrition ends
with nothing left on either side.
nostalgia turns a bitter heart to stone,
whenever they look behind…

Mournful and melancholy,
they say their good-byes,
with hands full of sand
after all they’ve tried.
Heavyhearted and downcast
at the twilight shore,
they wade deep in its tides…

Lost in it’s doldrums,
as the tears go by…

They search in the dark,
confounded and mystified.
What will they find?
Broken hearts and wounded pride,
marking a mausoleum where love had died.
Even time can’t heal all the wounds,
after the tears have dried…

Those who meet must part,
so they dance in their memories,
though some are cruel and others kind.
Dismayed and melancholic at the twilight shore,
they respire in its tides…

Groping in the dark,
as tears go by…

Featured Image by K.D. Senior.