South End Stew: Delusional King

by Erik Cornelius

Delusional king
Sedated jewels
Hidden jagged crown
Fashioned for hive-minded clowns

Tempted by tempered steel
Forlornly succumbing to
Flesh and bone worn
Elongating shadows Mind is old

Time out of mind
the drones decent
frozen giants lament
wilderness of concrete
winter cold intent

Crown fallen like apples
willows bent cowardly
into the hollow abyss
of the mind’s eye
zero sum soul

Waterfalls and stairs in ruins
cigarettes and aftershave boozers
return to stagger
rushed staging actors without but
to a script

We take our curtain calls
sing chorus praises
for the here but not after
crave not laughter
that should have been

wash our ragged souls
cleanse in the fire
of what it is that you desire
will you not kill for those
that life
sudden rapture

you dreaming of life
makes it so

Featured Image by Erik Cornelius.