In Celebration of Black History Month: 29 Faces of Black History in Seattle

by Susan Fried

Throughout her quarter century in photojournalism Susan Fried has captured stirring images of Black luminaries as they visited the Emerald City.

In honor of Black History Month, she’s selected 29 pictures from her photo collection to celebrate 29 days of Black history.

Nelson Mandela, 1999
Alice Walker, 2001
August Wilson (and daughter), 1999
Coretta Scott King, 1999
Dick Gregory, 1999
Faye Wattleton, 1991
Walter Mosley, 1998
Janelle Monáe, 2009
Desmond Tutu (with the Dali Lama), 2008
Stacy Abrams, 2019
Bill Holloman, 2001
Angela Davis, 2017
Harold Mills, 2000
Nikki Giovanni, 2003
Eddie Robinson, 1998
Halle Berry, 1999
Spike Lee, 2009
Pat Wright, 2018
Michael Bennett, 2017
Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, 2001
Michelle Alexander, 2011
Gary Payton, 1998
Ernestine Anderson, 2002
Barack Obama, 2006
Kathleen Cleaver, 2015
Magic Johnson, 2000
Ilyasha Shabazz, 2017
Elijah Cummings, 2004
Angela Rye, 2017

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