Poetry: The Mind

by Cece Aspin

The Mind. The Body. The Soul.

It’s all connected.

The elements. Earth. Air. Water.

Each so powerful, but different, special. The basis of life.

Flowing, burning, blowing, grounding.

Meditation. Calm your Soul, body, mind.

Take a moment to realize how amazing it is to be alive.

Wind, clouds, sky. Volcanoes, fires, light. Grass, dirt, plants. Sea, waves, ocean.

Music, art, history! What a wonderful yet terrible thing.

War, peace, bravery. Creativity, imagination!

What a wonderful thing to imagine something amazing.

Time. We take it for granted.

Change. It can hurt, but without it no one would get anywhere in life.

Life, death. It’s change.

It’s amazing!

And hard at the same time.

Cold, warmth. Bitter, but sweet.

Every single thing on this earth is beautiful.

No matter how you think, who you love, what you look like.

You are amazing, beautiful, unique!

Get out there and show the world that you’re beautiful, amazing, unique.

Know that someone, somewhere believes in you. Thinks you are amazing, beautiful and unique.

The Mind. The Body. The Soul.

It all comes full circle.

Cece Aspin is a 5th grader at West Seattle Montessori School & Academy