Safety Not Stigma: A Pandemic Portrait Campaign to Fight Racism

by Sharon H. Chang

COVID-19 Safety Not Stigma is a portrait campaign by South Seattle photographer Sharon H. Chang to combat increased racism against people of color during the coronavirus pandemic; raise awareness about the disproportionate impacts of the coronavirus on communities of color; and prioritize safety instead of stigma by the public. Portraits show Asian and Black Americans wearing masks and are shared online with humanizing words, as well as news and updates. The campaign, supported by 4Culture, launched on social media April 7. You can see more on Sharon H. Chang’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Safety Not Stigma-Kert
Kert Lin, Chinese Korean American activist, and public school teacher
Safety Not Stigma-Damithia
Damithia Nieves, founder of Thrive Yoga, thought educator and liberators path seeker
Safety Not Stigma-Shiuxian
⁂ 海水仙 hai shuixian, diasporic Shanghainese Chinese, nonbinary writer, artist, creator, & mental health advocate
Safety Not Stigma-Marcus
Marcus Harrison Green, publisher of the South Seattle Emerald and a columnist with Crosscut
Safety Not Stigma-Vic
Wong Vic Weiyi, raised on Seattle/Duwamish land, by a family of Teochew-Hakka Chinese boat refugees from Vietnam
Safety Not Stigma-Reagan
Reagan Jackson, multi-genre writer, artist, activist, and international educator
Safety Not Stigma-Alex
Alex Johnson, mixed-race third-generation Japanese American, civil engineer/construction manager, and community activist
Safety Not Stigma-Tracy
Tracy L. Stewart, engaged Buddhist, mental health therapist, and co-director of Gathering Roots Retreat and Wellness Center