Private ‘High Threat Protection’ Team Part of Response to Monday CHOP Shooting

by J Seattle

(This article was originally published on the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog and has been reprinted under an agreement)

As one teen was killed and another was wounded in Monday’s early morning shooting following a night of driveby gun violence, no police came to the scene and the surviving 14-year-old had to be brought out of the protest zone to be transported by Seattle Fire, a heavily armed team swung into action to help and provide medical assistance.

Joseph Spiro tells CHS that Iconic Global “high threat private protection” teams have deployed in the area protecting client businesses and residential properties with patrols and rapid response to threats and dangerous situations near the protest zone.

“We support the message. Obviously, there are people taking advantage of it. We’re there to make sure people feel safe,” Spiro said.

While he was unable to provide details of the company’s clients, neighbors have reported the security personnel at the Car Tender auto garage and other nearby buildings. Car Tender became the center of a controversial incident at CHOP after a burglary suspect was caught in the act but police refused to come to the scene inside the protest zone.

Spiro says the one-year-old Auburn, Washington company is paid by clients in the area but also is providing some support to businesses and buildings in the area pro bono. He says Iconic Global has also helped some inside the CHOP camp with medical help and support. “We’ve been working with some of the leaders of CHOP, too, to explain why we are there — not to get in the way of what they’re doing.”

Monday morning, Spiro said the Iconic Global team in the area last night near 12th and E Olive St responded to provide medical assistance at the camp after the deadly shooting. None of the security personnel were involved in any exchanges of gunfire, Spiro said.

Spiro said they have heard from some at the camp and in the neighborhood about concerns about the heavily armed security group working in the area. But he tells CHS Iconic Global team members have also found plenty of support.

“Vast majority of what we are hearing have been pretty happy with us being there,” Spiro said.

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