News Gleam: Those Who Suffered Damage Associated with Recent “Civil Unrest” May be Eligible for Compensation

by Emerald Staff

Businesses and residents that suffered property damage or other losses due to looting or violence that occurred since May 25 due to any “civil unrest” can now seek compensation from King County Emergency Management.

In order to qualify, business owners must first file a damage report by July 17. Businesses and residents who have suffered physical damages and/or economic injury may be eligible. 

According to King County’s Emergency Management Director, Brendan McCluskey, “In the absence of adequate insurance coverage, the Small Business Administration Disaster Loan Program could be an important source of funds for qualifying businesses that suffered losses as a result of recent civil unrest.” 

McClusky advised residents and business owners to first contact their insurance provider about existing coverage and deductibles. 

The documentation is the same for residents and businesses and does not require them to apply for a loan. Individuals and businesses in King County are encouraged to submit reports of losses to King County Emergency Management by 5 p.m. on July 17:

Damage reports are for underinsured or uninsured losses. Before filing a damage report with King County, residents and business owners should contact their insurance provider about existing coverage and deductibles. They are also urged to document damage with photographs and keep records of all cleanup and repair costs.

Featured image by Alex Garland