Rest, Healing, Celebration, Accountability — Repeat: Persistent Resistance

by Alex Garland

In these unprecedented times, change that once seemed improbable now appears inevitable to many in Seattle’s activist community who have spent years fighting for systemic and structural transformation. As protests and an expanding awareness of racial injustices endure across the nation, several of them find themselves hopeful of finally leaving behind a status quo that dehumanized and marginalized communities of color, LGBTQIA+ folx, and people with disabilities, to name but a few.

But in order to replace it with a society adherent to justice, equity, grace and hope, many in the activist community acknowledge that this current moment of “awakening” must be sustained.

Three members from Seattle’s activist community gave their thoughts on how we can ensure that when it comes to the society that emerges after our collective reckoning around social justice — this time is genuinely different.

“Now Is Not the Time to Allow Institutions to Drive our Timetable” / Evana Enabulele, Sherae Lascelles, and Nikkita Oliver

“Explicitly Naming What Needs to Be Done” / Evana Enabulele

“Don’t Let Them Steal Your Words” / Sherae Lascelles

“We Pour Our Labor, Our Hearts, Our Lives Into This Work … Every Day” / Nikkita Oliver 

Featured image by Alex Garland.