POETRY: (S)Weep Us

by Art Gomez and Melanie Reed

Nowhere to go but another hole,
another alley, another pole,
another spread, another pitch,
just more dirty sons a bitch
caught in a sweep to push us out
some show sympathy, some sow doubt.
Exterminate this Shantytown,
lives dismantled, tents torn down,
ground impounded, trash swept clean
it’s as if we’ve never been.
We’re so easy to revile,
the Jungle is our domicile.
No Favala, no Hooverville.
Home is where

the heart beats still.

Art Gomez / Melanie Reed ©opyright 2020

Featured image: Eviction of Homeless Encampment, attributed to Cool Revolution under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.