PHOTO ESSAY: Victory is Won in the Streets

by Susan Fried (as told to Marcus Harrison Green)

Anxiously awaiting the outcome of the presidential election (and its aftermath) prompted me to reflect on the many local marches, demonstrations, rallies, and protests for racial justice and social transformation I’ve photographed this year.

My camera has captured hope, resistance, bravery, and solidarity. Regardless of the election results, these qualities will continue to be necessary as we face uncertain times. These images of people showing up for their belief in a better world are helpful in reminding us that there is no tyrant, no injustice, and no defeat that can ever out endure the will of people committed to transforming society. 

Winter 2020

Spring 2020

Summer 2020

Fall 2020

Susan Fried has been a Seattle-based photojournalist for three decades. 

Featured image by Susan Fried

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