Seattle Latino Film Festival Celebrates Latina Women in Film

by Emerald Staff

The Seattle Latino Film Festival (SLFF) is kicking off the first annual showcase of the “Ibero & Latino Women in Film” on Dec. 10, 2020. “Ibero and Latino Women in Film” will be an annual showcase of the SLFF in an online cinematic program. This cinematic program will showcase 20 titles including feature films, documentaries, and short films that are directed or produced by women from Iberian and Latin American Countries.

During the last nine months of this pandemic, film viewership is one thing that has kept many people at ease and entertained. Like books, a film allows viewers to abandon any fears or anxieties in their lives and immerse themselves in the world that the filmmaker has created. Film is a respite to the often monotonous day-to-day that the pandemic has introduced, so SLFF decided to make this year’s event available virtually. “The COVID-19 pandemic was unforeseen and led us to take on a virtual platform for our 2020 program in October,” says founder and chief programmer Jorge Enrique Gonzalez Pacheco. “We look forward to using this platform to further provide a space for Ibero and Latino Women in Film. As SLFF continues to grow we hope to present additional programs and showcases beyond our annual festival.” 

Celebrate the art and entertainment of Latin American and Romance language cinema in the Pacific Northwest of the United States at SLFF’s “1st Annual Ibero & Latina Women in Film” showcase online in partnership with FesthomeTV from today, Dec. 10, 2020, to Jan. 10, 2021. The showcase will be available to stream across the United States and will include English and Spanish language films from Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, Nicaragua, the United States, El Salvador,  and Ecuador. A pass for the entire showcase program will be available for $25 and individual ticket sales begin at $2. There will also be virtual Q&A sessions with select directors. Audiences will be able to enjoy this showcase from the comfort and safety of home.

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Featured image: promotional photo for the film “La Frontera,” courtesy of Garabato Cine.