FUTURE GAZING: Unifying to Spread More Love

With a challenging year soon to be behind us, we asked community members to share their vision of what they hope becomes of our city post-pandemic.  

by Nakeya Isabell

Seattle: my home, my birth place. My vision is that we would unify and spread more love than hate. That we would permeate our streets with compassion, grace, and truth. My vision is that our churches would remain committed to the legacy of our roots and be like trees planted near the water. My hope is that our communities would remain open to the reconstruction process as we move forward. We will never be the same! The process takes relevant strategies. Change is necessary. 

Seattle, the revolution requires revelation and implementation. We have to connect with wisdom. Construct with patience and work together. Our children need us! Our schools must adapt to the demands of its diverse population. There are many ways to learn. I hope to see art move us towards healing and sobriety. So let us sing in the rain. Let us find gratitude in the pain. Let us never forget where we come from, remembering where we are going. Let us remember the solitude of isolation, yet let us embrace our neighbor as a valued human, a child of God. It is love that heals and builds. 

Let’s learn from the past and grow with wisdom. Let us not ignore our harsh realities because our scars tell an imperative story. Our healing gives us access to freedom. We must leave our vanity and embrace humility. Our community is counting on us. I pray that we will be bold to stand on the shoulders of those before us, while we carry the torch with purpose as our destinies call us forward. I’ll end with a quote from August Wilson, a legend and contributor to Seattle arts and the world at large: “Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.”

Nakeya Isabell is a native of Seattle, WA. She uses her voice, creativity, and compassion to spread hope. She is a Cleveland High School (2004) and Pepperdine University (2009) alum. Nakeya graduated with a B.A. in advertising. Currently Nakeya is a case manager and success coordinator at Cleveland High School. She has a spoken word album out on all digital platforms entitled “Love, Justice & Truth.” Nakeya’s life goal is to live full so that she can die empty.

Illustration by Vladimir Verano