POETRY: White Ally

by Tiffany Acker

We humbly submit our whole selves to

being broken, to being opened

oh, how we need to be broken of

our pride

our superiority

our ignorance

our unearned power

our entitlement

our allegiance

oh, how we need to be opened, oh so wide

to harsh realities

to new narratives

to discomfort

to pain

to enlightening truth

We humbly submit our whole selves to listen


without judgement

with unclenched fists

unhampered minds

and above all with love and compassion

and a desire to learn, to stretch, to grow

We humbly gather here in hope

for reconciliation to self, to neighbor, to world

for justice —yes! Let’s dare to dream! — for all

for peace to reign in our hearts, our homes, our streets

for liberation to come boldly and in abundance

I open my hands and release that which keeps me heavy and unconscious

And receive the strength I need to make my way forward on the path of justice

Tiffany Acker and her family reside on Beacon Hill. She’s an educator who currently attempts to manage remote learning for her three children while investing in their local schools and their Rainier Avenue Church community.

Featured photo by Chris Acker.

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