NEWS GLEAMS: RES Seeks Native Playwrights, Vaccines at ICHS, and Othello Talks

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A round-up of news and announcements we don’t want to get lost in the fast-churning news cycle! 

UPDATE: 2/24/21, 4:45 p.m. — ICHS Has COVID-19 Vaccines

Editor’s Note: We have updated this section twice since the original publication of this post as new information about vaccine supply and appointment availability has been provided to us from ICHS.

Recent storms delayed shipments of vaccines across the country, but International Community Health Services (ICHS) has received a supply of vaccines they are eager to get into the hands of community members. ICHS was recently named by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration as one of the first community health centers to receive COVID-19 vaccines from the federal government.

Current ICHS patients who are eligible through the Washington Department of Health Phase Finder can call ICHS’s call center at 206-788-3700 to make an immediate vaccine appointment.  Eligible community members who are not ICHS patients can make appointments on ICHS’s appointment webpage. NOTE: A limited number of appointments are made available based on current vaccine supplies as assessments are made. ICHS advises community members to check the appointment scheduler often to see if new appointments have opened up, as they will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

ICHS’s South Seattle vaccination clinic location is the New Holly Gathering Hall at 7054 32nd Avenue South. 

A note from ICHS: “This will continue to change and ICHS is dedicated to helping distribute the vaccine as quickly and equitably to our communities as possible.”

Those eligible to receive the vaccine at this time can use the Department of Health Vaccine Locator tool to assist them in finding a location outside of ICHS to make an appointment to get the vaccine. To find out if you currently qualify for a vaccine, visit the Department of Health Phase Finder. (We are currently in Phase 1 and vaccinating folx in Phase 1A, Tier 1 and 2, and Phase 1B, Tier 1. See the visual vaccine roll-out timeline, available in Spanish.)

Othello Talks — Dr. Ben Danielson & Marcus Green: What Healthy Community Looks Like

Event: Mon., March 1 — 6–7:30 p.m.

From the event host: Othello Talks is a new, monthly 90-minute program covering a specific topic of community focus catering to current residents, professionals, and community organizers who live and/or work in Seattle’s South End. Each program can be independently viewed live or on YouTube. We will learn through presentations and listening to each other, we will engage by learning and teaching our neighbors, and by doing so, we will cultivate the collective wisdom of not only participating in existing community work but also in creating new action. Join our community on Facebook. Our first event is focused on community health. Our first guest is Dr. Benjamin Danielson, a beloved Community MD Adolescent & Pediatric Medicine Specialist.

Please RSVP for the first, virtual, event, with Marcus Green and Dr. Ben Danielson. The Emerald is a co-sponsor of this event.

Image is the Facebook cover for the Red Eagle Soaring page.

Red Eagle Soaring (RES) Seeks Native Playwrights

From the source: Call for submissions — Red Eagle Soaring in Seattle is currently seeking submissions of short plays between 10–30 minutes long, written by Native playwrights. These plays will be performed by Native Youth as part of Red Eagle Soaring’s inaugural Short Play Festival in June 2021. The playwrights of each selected play will be compensated with a licensing fee of $100 per performance.

Deadline to submit a play is Mon., March 8 at 11:59 p.m. PST. For more information, see this Facebook post and/or email:

Image is the Facebook cover for the Rainier Dance Center page.

Rainier Dance Team Popcorn Fundraiser!

Where to give (and receive!): Rainier Dance Team’s Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser Website

Why to give: Cause Popcorn! J/K, that’s only part of the reason. A small (but tasty) part. Half of every purchase goes directly to the team!

The Rainier Dance Team (of Rainier Dance Center fame) is made up of a group of hardworking and dedicated kids who have steadfastly held strong to their team — and their dancing — despite the struggles of 2020 and ongoing quarantine.

They haven’t been able to compete or perform, two things they love dearly, due to the pandemic. But they have a professional, outdoor video shoot in the works, something tangible that, once finished, they’ll have to show for — and to showcase — their hard work. They’ve been practicing since last summer through the trials and tribulations of COVID. Your purchase of gourmet popcorn in flavors like “Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy” and “Butter Believe It!” will help offset the cost of producing the dance team’s video and keep the video affordable for all participating dancers’ families. And you get delicious popcorn delivered directly to your door — win/win!

You can also make a cash donation directly to the team via PayPal. (But popcorn!)

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