POETRY: Love From Afar … Black Boy

by Sharon Nyree Williams

Blaaaack Boy
Blaaaack Man
Blaaaack Child
Blaaaack Boy
Blaaaack Man
Blaaaack Child

You can push me away
But I’m here to love you

I watched you grow up
Yeah, I said some things that knocked you down 
Made your head spin around
But don’t play, it wasn’t out of cruelty, malice or hostility

Take this and take that
Listen to what I say
Not harsh 
Okay a little harsh
But allow it to manifest in your brain waves
In hopes of you allowing the knowledge to reign

I’ve been there  
I provided for you beyond your means
I welcomed and believed in your dreams
I Hugged and kissed you
I Listened to your stories
We Cuddled and watched movies

You can push me away
But I’m here to love you
I didn’t know how to feel at the time when I learned you had been conceived
Concerned about
Differed dreams 
My heart had to process processing
The introduction of a new being
Role play
Wondered how you would be
Standing here
Mesmerized by your bronze skin
Your personality
Delicate Sensibility
Your Genuality equals Lovability 

I didn’t expect it 
But I welcomed it 
All the 

Unapologetic about
Wanting what’s best for you
Black men are special
Challenges by a system
Hard living
Skin rejects permission
To be the king you are meant to be
Damn bruh
You’re getting older
You’re feeling grown
You want to make your own decisions
And that’s great 
Because you also have to make your own mistakes 
Do what you’ve gotta do
Be in the zone
Live your life your way
Do You 
But don’t disrespect me
Trying to prove your fortitude


Love is unconditional 
You don’t have to be right next me
You don’t have to talk to me
I can love you from afar
Depending on how deep the scar 

I didn’t expect it 
But I welcomed it 
All the 

Boy you can push me away
But I won’t stop loving you
I don’t have to talk to you
To believe in you 
To believe in you
To believe in you
Blaaaack Boy

Sharon Nyree Williams

Sharon Nyree Williams is a storyteller and arts administrator. Sharon has been writing and developing her stories in Seattle, WA for 16 years. Sharon has performed throughout the United States and in Rwanda. Current projects include her solo show Dare to Claim the Sky and poetry plus storytelling album SHOOK.  She is the Executive Director, Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas, Chair of the Historic Central Area Arts and Cultural District. She is a former Seattle Arts Commissioner and serves on LANGSTON Board of Directors. Sharon loves experiencing life through the artistry of storytelling and leadership. For more info about Sharon, www.sharonnwilliams.com, Instagram & Facebook @SharonNyreeWilliams; Clubhouse & Twitter @ambitiousSNW.

Featured image: Original photo attributed to Johnny Silvercloud under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 2.0). Altered version by Marti McKenna also under Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 2.0).

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