What the Emerald Means to Me: Filling in the Puzzle

by Susan Davis

(In support of the Emerald’s 7th Anniversary fundraiser we asked community members to share about what the Emerald means to them.)

Consuming the world’s current events feels like constructing a new puzzle every day. The border is the international news that guides the framing of the world in general. It impacts the rest of the puzzle and guides our puzzle piece placement. The national news is next and fills in the picture allowing for better clarity as the picture appears. Of course, the regional news brings its own subtle twists to reach our goal; matching colors, images, and even shapes of the pieces themselves.

But, even the Seattle Times doesn’t include most of the South End pieces. Assembling my daily puzzle picture can turn into a scavenger hunt in which the pieces are buried in the B section.  Once found, those pieces help construct the final picture. But, the heart is still missing.

The South End heart pieces are only found in the South Seattle Emerald. That is the only place that truly covers my neighborhood’s news stories and makes my news puzzle (and me) whole. I used to feel exasperated at the invisible South End news pieces, but now, the South Seattle Emerald makes my picture complete.

Thank you to the entire staff and readers of the South Seattle Emerald for giving us authentic South End news. You are a breath of fresh air, even when the news is difficult for your writers to report.

Susan Davis is a community organizer who has worked as an interpreter, teacher, nonprofit director, South End business and community advocate, and video producer. Her favorite project of her career was serving as co-founder/co-director of the Middle East Peace Camp (MEPC). She brought Marcus Green to MEPC for a visit a few years ago and she is still grateful for the article he wrote about his experience. Susan is the principal of SBK Davis Consulting which produces events and projects for organizations and small businesses. Southeast Seattle is her focus area and home.

📸 Featured Image: Original illustration honoring the memory of South End barber Avery Wilcox, by Vladimir Verano.

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