Photo depicting a close-up of a pair of dark socks on feet. One sock says "LEFT" and the other "RIGHT." The background is an explosion of orange and browns.

POETRY: New Socks

by Dirty Intel

Teaching is where it starts
connecting our experience to our community, our heart.
The story illuminating the long night’s dark.
Parables reminding each other to play our parts.

Iambic pentameter, pneumonic device
Social technologies improving our quality of life.
Knowledge shared with the new generations
Outpacing our environment’s many variations.

Growth exponential
Unknown potential
Masses reverential
Crisis existential.

Hacked by aberrations, weakness revealed
Our ancient techniques outdated
anticipated, co-opted and jaded
vulnerable and unhealed.

Songs of madness
Accelerate midst mass sadness
And we find ourselves insane
Attempting to grab this

this space
within perpetuity
harmonious unity

Indignity falling in precedence
to our commitment to pity
beliefs more malleable
are proof ’gainst hyperbole

Mad dreams of a mad man presented in stark relief on the canvas of our minds
there is no tomorrow
that yesterday defines
there is only one time
and many

Dirty Intel (aka Jay Davis) is dedicated to empowerment of the individual and the criminalization of war and violence. He was born to a cattle ranching family 1974 and has been lucky enough to write poetry for the last 30 years. He currently lives in King County.

📸 Featured image by Erik Mclean/ Photo editing by Emerald staff.

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