My Emerald Story: My Extended Family

In celebration of the South Seattle Emerald’s 8th Anniversary, we asked community members to share moments in our publication’s history that remain special to them.

by Jamil Suleman

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—Bridgette Hempstead, Community Activist, Founding Board Member, & Rainmaker

The amount of support and community love I and my homies have received from Marcus Green and the South Seattle Emerald over the years has been one of the most inspiring things to be a part of. I’ve written for the Emerald, produced amazing local-focused video work with our Indie Genius Media team, have been featured for several causes and performances, and have connected some of my most trusted friends to the Emerald over the years. I could tell a thousand stories of gratitude and service, but I’ll focus on some of the more recent opportunities the Emerald has given us.

Since COVID hit, things have been challenging, as we all can attest to. Especially near Mount Baker light rail station, violence and the pangs of poverty have made a severe impact on our block. As a community organizer, I went to work with my neighbors to do the best we could to help the people in need around our area, and the Emerald has been the voice box to help us organize and tell our story. 

All I had to do was shoot them a quick email, let them know what we were going through and the efforts we were putting in, and they immediately sent us some reporters to help amplify our cause. They never once asked for anything other than to help us and tell the story — of the people, the challenges we have been facing, and, most importantly, the community solutions we have been putting into practice. From tenant organizing to youth-led mural work, it was the Emerald that helped bring our story to Seattle and beyond. 

I am forever grateful for Marcus and the Emerald family, who I indeed consider family. They are there for us when we need them most, and I know I can rely on them to assist us in covering what’s going on at the grassroots level. As Marcus moves on and passes the mantle to what’s sure to be a hardworking and caring team, I look forward to the new projects and opportunities to help share our story. 

Big Love to the South Seattle Emerald from the whole Indie Genius Media crew. We’ll see you out there, fam. 

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Jamil Suleman is a South Seattle-based writer, rapper, and actor. He is also the co-founder of Indie Genius Media.

📸 Featured Image: Illustration by Haley Williams for the South Seattle Emerald.

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