POETRY | If They Take My Love Away, Who Are We?

by Nic Masangkay

Masakit ang puso ko:
ang bangungot
na wala ka.

My heart hurts:
the nightmare
of you without me.

There are beautiful dreams
without you, but
I do not want them.

Hay hermosos sueños
sin ti, pero
no los quiero.

Even the politicians
know what it is like to lose someone, but they play
for the people
who can afford to.

Here, we are
all we have.

I was a world
to someone once.

Ikaw parin ang mundo

ko. You were once my

world. Sigues siendo

todo. You are everything.

Now that I know love,
they want to take
it from me.
Now that I know
you, they want you

Mahal kita,
kaya inaalis ka nila.

I love you,
so they take you from me.

Te quiero.
Ellos te llevan.

I love you.
They take you.

When left with nothing,
I will not blame
another virus;
I will not fault
careless government,
numb CDC.
Kung iniwan sa
wala, mahal ko
pa rin.

Si se queda sin nada,
mi amor persiste.

When left with nothing,
My love goes on.

Nic Masangkay is a Filipinx, sick and disabled, queer and trans survivor. They are an artist of music, poetry, and multimedia. More at www.nicmasangkay.com

📸 Featured image by Shutterstock.com/Olga Ikhelis; editing by Emerald team.

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