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7 QTBIPOC Collectives and Events to Check Out in 2023

by Sarah Goh

Last year brought an outpouring of events for queer and trans Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (QTBIPOC) communities. One notable holdover from the pandemic is that QTBIPOC groups are increasingly finding spaces outside of traditional LGBTQ+ bars, or having events at rotating locations. The Emerald has compiled a list of these events and collectives to ring in the new year. From burlesque to Lunar New Year celebrations to farmer’s markets, these events are held to celebrate and center the QTBIPOC community.

If you’re looking to meet new people, find community, or want to support local queer and BIPOC communities, this list is for you!


AZN GLO debuted their first party in 2020 and have since worked to host more parties at Neumos. Produced and hosted by Kylie Mooncakes, AZN GLO parties are a celebration of the AAPI, BIPOC, Trans and Queer identity. A typical night is filled with drag, music, and lots of dancing. In celebration of Lunar New Year, the next AZN GLO event will be hosted at Neumos on Jan. 20. Get tickets on Neumos’ website. Follow @azngloparty for updates!

The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq

If you’re looking to spice up your evening with a night of dancing and performance, look to The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq. Produced by the prolific Goddess Briq House in association with Theater Off Jackson and Sin de la Rosa, this show is burlesque at its finest exclusively featuring all People of Color. It is the longest-running BIPOC Burlesque Revue in the PNW and continues to dazzle and entertain every month.

The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq runs the second Sunday of every month at Theatre Off Jackson in Seattle. Get tickets at

QTPOC Seattle Collective

A QTPOC Seattle Collective event in 2019 at Queer/Bar. (Photo courtesy of QTPOC Seattle Collective.)

This Seattle collective came together to create a space for and by queer and trans People of Color. In the past, the collective has hosted LGBTQ community markets that are filled with queer vendors selling anything from art to vintage clothes. Other social events also consist of dance nights, speed dating, and parties for QTPOC looking to express themselves — and meet others looking to do the same. Look out for their events on their Instagram @qtpocseattle.


Photo from a GOCK @ ME party at Bad Bar in 2022. (Photo: cherub @tiny_cherubb)

GOCK @ ME is a party for trans women and femmes and the people who admire them. This regular party features Seattle trans talent dancing for your dollars with the purpose of centering and supporting the girls. A celebration of femininity “not dictated by patriarchy,” GOCK is for those looking to have fun while supporting a mission. Parties are at various Seattle locations. Follow @gockatme to keep up with their events.


VietQ — Vietnamese and Queer — is an LGBTQ Vietnamese-led community organization that hosts events for QTBIPOC. Their events range from picnics and hikes to socials, night markets, and more. VietQ is for those seeking to meet other people with shared values and wanting to get more connected within the Seattle QTBIPOC community. Check out their instagram @vietqseattle for updates on future 2023 events, giveaways, and socials.

Bronze Babez

Bronze Babez is an all Black and Brown monthly strip show held at Queer/Bar every second Wednesday. Hosted by Issa Man, Bronze Babes came about when Man pitched a show where POC performers could show off their bodies free of any preconceived notions of what it means to be sexy. Today Bronze Babez is a celebration of Black and Brown bodies of all shapes, sizes, and hues. 

The performance showcases a rotating lineup of both well-established Seattle talent and a cast of emerging performers who have their own featured number at the end of the show. Check out Bronze Babez at Queer/Bar every second Wednesday!

Indigenize Productions

Indigenize Productions is an all Indigenous/Native performing arts collective, producing variety shows, parties, and community events for the Indigenous/Native community in Seattle. Founded by Howie Echo-Hawk, Indigenize events are unapologetically trans, queer, Native, and center the BIPOC community. Event curation, speaking events, comedy shows, drag, burlesque, dance, parties –– in each and every space Indigenize aims to showcase queer, trans Indigenous excellence and provide spaces for BIPOC joy and healing. They have a monthly dance party called “INDIGEQUEER,” and produce various other events monthly. They will be hosting their next INDIGEQUEER event on Jan. 21 at Cafe Racer. Follow @indigenizeproductions for updates!

There are some other groups that have been active last year, but the Emerald could not confirm future events or updates at the time of this article. They include: Sway and Swoon DJ Collective, hosting events centered around Black and queer community; Seattle Thaw, “Socials by QTBIPOC for QTBIPOC on Duwamish Land;” and Honey, “Seattle’s premiere and queer all women’s party.”

Sarah Goh is a Singaporean American journalist and a current medical student at WSU College of Medicine. At the intersection of community, science, and humanities, she hopes to elevate marginalized voices and explore the overlooked and unexpected through her writing. Find her at or on Twitter @sarahsgoh.

📸 Featured Image: An AZN GLO event in September 2022. (Photo: Stephen Anunson @st.phan)

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