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New Moon Movie Night: This Season Will Be Lovely

by Saira B and NEVE

Welcome to our moon-synced movie review show, hosted by Saira Barbaric and NEVE. This duo of South Seattle creatives make multidisciplinary work together and individually. For this show, they’re ecstatic to join their love of astrology, ritual, and pop culture.

Happy 2023! We are back for more monthly celestial cinema discussions. The second season of New Moon Movie Night launches on Feb. 20, as do our synchronous movie reviews in the Emerald. As lovers of so many genres, we wanted to bring a little more focus to this year’s episodes. This season is all about love. It’s romance season. We will continue to shout out the new moon each episode and also dive into a survey of the classics, subversions, and missed attempts of showing off relationships on-screen. Will love conquer all? Will it be the downfall of an entire species? We’re here not to give definitive answers, but to have a whole ton of fun throwing down opinions! So get in touch with your heart space, and join us for a very romantic year. 

January’s new moon is the Great Spirit Moon on Jan. 21 in Aquarius. Aquarius is all about collectivity, brave dreams, and seeing the big picture. Sometimes, that big picture is shrouded in shadow, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. It just needs to be illuminated with some brilliant imaginings. This new moon is the closest one to Earth in 1,337 years! That’s since the Middle Ages! So while you are planting seeds to realize your wildest dreams, know that this new moon will be close by to support you. 

Keep an eye on the moon, turn on notifications on your moon or astrology app, or just mark your calendars! New Moon Movie Night will release episodes and articles on these new moons:

Feb. 20
March 21
April 19
May 19
Aug. 16
Sept. 14
Oct. 14
Dec. 12

Check out last season’s episodes and past Emerald articles, and leave us a message to recommend your favorite romance movie or ask a question!

Since 2015, Saira B (he/she/they/ze) has been based in Seattle creating performance art, films, and events that explore mythology, eroticism, AfroPsychedelic dreams, ritual objects, and glitch as digital expressionism. Barbaric-art.com and Vimeo have more about Saira’s projects and past works.

NEVE (they/(s)he) is a multigender, multiracial, multiply Disabled, multidimensional, multidisciplinary terpsichorean artist of the stage, street, field, stream, and screen. They are an Indigenous African living in Duwamish and Coast Salish lands and traveling wherever they have access and an invitation. (S)He is a 2020 Pina Bausch Fellow and a 2022 Arc Artist Fellow. Visit them online at nevebebad.com and beyond.

📸 Featured Image: New Moon Movie Night is a podcast by a pair of nerdy and disabled artists, Saira and NEVE, featuring spoiler-heavy movie picks and discussions synced with the new moon. Image courtesy of New Moon Movie Night; edited by Emerald staff.

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