The South Seattle Emerald’s mission is to amplify the authentic narratives of South Seattle

We do this work because . . .
  • The South Seattle community has been neglected and underserved by media
  • Our vibrant community deserves more accurate representations
  • Responsible media must consistently employ a racial justice lens
  • We believe accountable, relationship-based media is better media
  • What happens in South Seattle matters
  • Every community should have a conduit to speak truth to power
  • It’s essential to provide an accessible platform for local voices
  • Equitable access to relevant information is vital to an engaged democracy

In a community long silenced by mainstream media, the Emerald acts as a powerful megaphone: amplifying the voice and experience of South Seattle.

Founded as a platform that authentically depicts the dynamic voices, culture, arts, ideas, and businesses that fall within South Seattle’s borders, the Emerald is news as it was originally intended to be: not as business, nor as a forum for propaganda, but as a service to the community it chronicles.

In the words of former Board Vice President Bridgette Hempstead: For the community, by the community, to the community.

South Seattle Emerald former Board Secretary Sera Day, Founder & Publisher Marcus Harrison Green, and former Board Vice President Bridgette Hempstead at the Emerald’s 1st Anniversary Party

Founder and publisher Marcus Harrison Green and Board President Devin Chicras discuss the Emerald‘s mission with Mike McCormick of KEXP.

Our Comment Policy

At this time we have closed comments on our articles.

We believe that anonymous comment sections do little in the way of fostering intelligent, civic debate. We will instead seek to engage with our readership in a variety of alternative forums.

We came to this decision after it became abundantly clear that our articles, largely featuring and written by members from BIPOC communities, became targets for racists, sexist, and bigoted comments. In the digital age, social media has largely replaced under-article forums. On a human level, those comments have real world consequences for people who make themselves vulnerable by publicly sharing their stories.

Mailing Address

South Seattle Emerald
PO Box 28505

Seattle, WA 98118

Amplifying the Authentic Narratives of South Seattle

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