The South Seattle Emerald’s mission is to amplify the authentic narratives of South Seattle

We do this work because…
  • The South Seattle community has been neglected and underserved by media
  • Our vibrant community deserves more accurate representations
  • Responsible media must consistently employ a racial justice lens
  • We believe accountable, relationship-based media is better media
  • What happens in South Seattle matters
  • Every community should have a conduit to speak truth to power
  • It’s essential to provide an accessible platform for local voices
  • Equitable access to relevant information is vital to an engaged democracy

In a community long silenced by mainstream media, The Emerald acts as a powerful megaphone: amplifying the voice and experience of South Seattle.

Founded as a platform that authentically depicts the dynamic voices, culture, arts, ideas, and businesses that fall within South Seattle’s borders, the Emerald is news as it was originally intended to be: not as business, nor as a forum for propaganda, but as a service to the community it chronicles.

In the words of Board Vice President, Bridgette Hempstead: “For the community, by the community, to the community.”

South Seattle Emerald Board Secretary Sera Day, Founder & former Editor-in-Chief Marcus Harrison Green and Board Vice President Bridgette Hempstead at the Emerald’s 1st Anniversary Party

Our Team

Former Editor-in-Chief Marcus Harrison Green and Board President Devin Chicras discuss the Emerald’s mission with Mike McCormick of KEXP.

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Amplifying the Authentic Narratives of South Seattle

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