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Op-Ed: The Road Diet Starts at My House

by Paul Nelson

The Road Diet Starts at My House

It’s a regular part of the soundscape from the swinging Angeline at 4801 Rainier Av S. The Rainier Avenue South “Road Diet” – designed and engineered by the Seattle Department of Transportation – starts right before the large apartment building and it’s right about at the spot where many turn into the lot to go to PCC that we hear the blaring of yet another car horn. Five or six very un-Seattle nice-like seconds of angst. It pierces the Keith Jarrett, Gary Burton or Carla Bley vibe on the box here in our third-floor nest and we don’t bother looking anymore unless it’s accompanied by a crash, which happens now and then, between sirens.
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What’s In Store for Rainier Avenue in 2017?


by Ellis Simani

Twenty-four collisions were recorded along Rainier avenue throughout the first month of 2017. This number might seem high at face value, but when you compare it to the 42 collisions that took place on the arterial in January of 2016 and the 62 collisions that occurred during the month in 2015, the statistic begins to look a lot more promising. Continue reading What’s In Store for Rainier Avenue in 2017?

Documentarian Duo “Uncode” Black Seattle

by Marcus Harrison Green

The wife and husband duo call it storytelling, but it’s really Black love on film. More accurately, their love for Seattle’s at times misunderstood Black community.

The camera scans the interior of Columbia City’s Royal Room as an early 90s era hip-hop instrumental slowly builds. Beyond tables topped with chairs and a bar stocked with premium liquor is a kitchen known as the hallowed sanctum of South Seattle-based Chef Tarik Abdullah.  Continue reading Documentarian Duo “Uncode” Black Seattle

Emerald Voices: Bailey Adams

by Sharon H. Chang

BAILEY ADAMS–to my mind–is nothing less than a superstar senior. She is at least the kind of youth who inspires hope for the future (which is a lot). But far more than that she’s the kind of youth it’s cosmic to know exists in today’s tumultuous times: An empowered, no bullshit, young Black woman maneuvering a barricaded world on her own terms, in her own way–before even hitting her third decade of life. Continue reading Emerald Voices: Bailey Adams