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Acclaimed South Seattle Bassist Evan Flory-Barnes Assigns “Spiritual Homework”

by Paul E Nelson

What if the richest local businessmen in Seattle knew that their own legacy would depend on how much they supported the arts in their town, like the Medici Family in Florence? Can it happen here? We can dream can’t we? If there is an emerging Seattle culture, it sounds more like Jazz than the grunge of the 90s or even artists like Macklemore, if Evan Flory-Barnes is any indication. See his band, or “brotherhood” as he likes to call it, Industrial Revelation, and know that something swinging AND spiritual, something informed by Hip Hop AND Bebop sounds like it could only come out of multicultural Seattle. Continue reading Acclaimed South Seattle Bassist Evan Flory-Barnes Assigns “Spiritual Homework”

Liberty Bank Building Art Evokes Black History

by Doug Trumm

(This article was originally posted on The Urbanist and has been reprinted with permission)

Community members gathered at Centerstone in the Central District Wednesday evening to get a first glimpse at the art planned for the Liberty Bank Building, which will bring 115 affordable homes to the site of the region’s first Black-owned bank at 2320 E Union St. The immense artistic talent of the Central District was on full display at the art open house, and early indications are that the Liberty Bank Building will be a beautiful structure permeated with creative works. Continue reading Liberty Bank Building Art Evokes Black History

Gallery Showcases Art’s Pathway to Self-Expression

words and photos by Alex Garland

The Columbia City Gallery is dropping an assist to art aficionados whose colossal passion for collecting is mismatched with a microscopic bank account.

The local artist co-op, which is associated with the arts division of South East Effective Development (SEED), is currently hosting its annual two week sale of local works produced by nearly two dozen South Seattle based artists. All watercolors, pottery, ceramics, and jewelry on display in the main gallery is priced for under $200 and will be available to purchase until April 16th. Continue reading Gallery Showcases Art’s Pathway to Self-Expression

Review: I Am Not Your Negro

by Courtney Weaver

Remember this house and do not forget who built it…

Last weekend I sat in the Ark Lodge theater in Columbia City to view the James Baldwin documentary  I Am Not Your Negro, the recent adaptation of the legendary writer and public intellectual’s unfinished manuscript, Remember This House,  directed by Raoul Peck and accompanied by the voice of Samuel L. Jackson. The film was followed by a panel moderated by Marcus Harrison Green. Continue reading Review: I Am Not Your Negro

Documentarian Duo “Uncode” Black Seattle

by Marcus Harrison Green

The wife and husband duo call it storytelling, but it’s really Black love on film. More accurately, their love for Seattle’s at times misunderstood Black community.

The camera scans the interior of Columbia City’s Royal Room as an early 90s era hip-hop instrumental slowly builds. Beyond tables topped with chairs and a bar stocked with premium liquor is a kitchen known as the hallowed sanctum of South Seattle-based Chef Tarik Abdullah.  Continue reading Documentarian Duo “Uncode” Black Seattle