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Council Debates Final Recommendations to Housing Levy

by Regina Friedland

The Seattle City Council Select Committee on the 2016 Seattle Affordable Housing Levy met Friday to discuss possible changes to the proposed $290 million levy, including rental opportunities for the elderly, individuals with disabilities, homeless individuals, families and low wage workers. Continue reading Council Debates Final Recommendations to Housing Levy

Dissecting the Washington State Caucuses

by John Stafford

(Disclosure: I am a member of the Democratic Party in South Seattle, and am a supporter of Bernie Sanders.  On March 26, 2016, I ran an area caucus (comprised of six precinct caucuses) on Beacon Hill.)


The 2016 Democratic Caucuses, held in Washington State on Saturday, March 26, from roughly 10:00 a.m. until noon, have generated considerable debate.  The issues raised can be divided into several categories:  attendance and demographics; the merits of a caucus versus a primary election system; timing; and the ethics of superdelegates.  This article explores each of these topics. Continue reading Dissecting the Washington State Caucuses

Caucusing in the 37th District

by Robin Boland

Amid the backdrop of visits this past week from both democratic presidential candidates the 37th District Democrats held their caucus at MLK Elementary on Saturday morning. There was a fairly robust turn out for the event, led by former 37th district councilwoman Sally Clark, although it was noted that the attendees were predominantly of the Caucasian persuasion, so not entirely representative of the district as one might hope for. As the intent of the caucus is to accurately reflect candidate support in our district one wonders how the numbers would be altered by broader representation. Continue reading Caucusing in the 37th District