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Why Columbia City Needed “Name Tag” Days

by Shelley Morrison and Karla Esquivel 

We like to think Columbia City feels like a small town in the midst of a big, growing city. One of the best things about our community is that we know each other, and we don’t want to lose that as we grow. There is something special about going into a neighborhood shop or restaurant and saying “Hi” to an owner or staff person and knowing them by name, and they knowing yours.  There’s a feeling of belonging.   Continue reading Why Columbia City Needed “Name Tag” Days

People In Your Neighborhood: Everybody Needs an Auntie G

by Kris Kendall

Last month I wrote this column by asking a few questions to a man that was a stranger to me. This time, I took those same questions to a woman we’ll call Auntie G.

I’ve known Auntie G as a neighbor since I moved to Rainier Beach in 2010. She and her daughter moved from Fairhope, Alabama to Seattle in 1988, and she has lived in the Central District, Beacon Hill and on MLK. For the past 21 years, she has lived in the same house in Rainier Beach. She’s the kind of neighbor I’m glad to have. Auntie G may keep a low profile, but I’m pretty sure nothing happens on this block that she isn’t aware of. Continue reading People In Your Neighborhood: Everybody Needs an Auntie G

Franklin High School Steals the Show at Mock Trial

by Felice Cat-Tuong Luu

Smiles on, nerves rattling, the Franklin High School (FHS) varsity mock trial team stood in a pre-game huddle. T-minus five minutes until show time and teammates checked each other’s uniforms, making sure they looked the part while their coach gave a few words of encouragement. The hours they poured into looking crisp, clean, and confident showed.

Last weekend, all three FHS teams advanced to semifinals and its varsity team continued to sweep the tournament, beating even national champion and cross-town rival Seattle Preparatory School. As one of the top two teams of this year’s competitors, Franklin High’s varsity team stood ready to face off against Bellevue’s International School for the district champion title. In the King County District Courthouse, the court’s doors opened Monday night, and both teams walked into their final round at the King County YMCA Mock Trial District Tournament. Continue reading Franklin High School Steals the Show at Mock Trial