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What’s Up With Langston?

by Lola E. Peters

Have you seen the film Moonlight? It’s playing all around town right now and well worth seeing. It left me hankering for the annual African American Film Festival. Because of the transitions happening at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute (LHPAI), the Festival didn’t happen last spring, so my hunger for films “by us, for us” went unsatisfied. The good news: there’s a mini-festival happening on Thanksgiving weekend at LHPAI to hold us until next spring, when the full Festival can return. Continue reading What’s Up With Langston?

Preview of Power: From the Mouths of the Occupied

by Lola E. Peters

The last rehearsal before performance is always filled with energy. For many in the cast of Power: From the Mouths of the Occupied, this will be their first public performance; their first time publicly telling their story; their first time specifically naming the individuals and institutions that were complicit in their oppression. Continue reading Preview of Power: From the Mouths of the Occupied

Social Justice Film Festival Makes the Invisible, Visible

by Kelsey Hamlin

The Social Justice Film Festival kicked off last week with an array of documentary films lifting the curtain on extreme inequalities that pervade ordinary lives.

Last Friday’s film centered on worker’s rights, and immigration, including a short film featuring Eastern Washington farm workers impacted by pesticides. Another short highlighted the lives of janitors and immigrant workers in Europe. Both of these led up to the feature film, which followed an undocumented immigrant family in the United States, displaying their struggle to stay afloat in America. Continue reading Social Justice Film Festival Makes the Invisible, Visible

Dismantling Racism Series Continues

“Hi. There are 3.3 million Muslims in the United States, and I’m one of them. You’ve mentioned working with Muslim nations, but with Islamophobia on the rise, how will you help people like me deal with the consequences of being labeled as a threat to the country after the election is over?”

Gorbah Hamed, whose question was addressed to both candidates for President of the United States

by Virginia Wright

Last night’s second Presidential debate contained at least one dramatic reminder that Islamophobia is a prominent component of the rhetoric of the campaign. Continue reading Dismantling Racism Series Continues

Get Your Geek On: 6th Annual GeekGirlCon Draws Geeks of All Stripes

by Jovelle Tamayo

GeekGirlCon, an annual convention in its sixth year, celebrates women contributing to science, tech, arts, comics, literature, and video games. Though the event — which aims to grow female geek culture — targets women and girls, all geeks are welcome. The volunteer-run event prides itself in its efforts toward community building, empowerment, and fostering diversity, and attracted more than 8,500 attendees this year.  Continue reading Get Your Geek On: 6th Annual GeekGirlCon Draws Geeks of All Stripes