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Diminishing Returns at Housing Focus Groups

by Erica C. Barnett

When the city’s Department of Neighborhoods (DON) first put out the call for citizens to apply as neighborhood representatives serving on one of four new community focus groups that would advise the city’s Office of Planning and Community Development on the mayor’s proposed Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA), residents of mostly white North End neighborhoods—many of them vocal opponents of the plan—applied en masse. With just two weeks before the application deadline, fully half of the applicants came from only three North Seattle neighborhoods.
Continue reading Diminishing Returns at Housing Focus Groups

“Sue the Pants Off ‘Em!” Inside the Broken System of Police Accountability


by John Helmiere

I recently won a civil lawsuit against the Seattle Police Department. I felt varying degrees of satisfaction from: receiving the money, giving all the money away (Mothers for Police Accountability was a primary recipient), winning the lawsuit, and knowing that the officer who brutalized me would have a note in his file. Continue reading “Sue the Pants Off ‘Em!” Inside the Broken System of Police Accountability

Vietnamese Veterans Continue to Feel War’s Lasting Impact

by Jeff Nguyen

Every year a huge celebration for Vietnamese veterans is held in Orange County, California. My grandfather, a veteran of the Vietnam War and proud member of the Vietnamese community, watches it religiously, staring intensely at the TV set. The pride on his face is evident as the color guard marches on stage carrying a bright yellow flag emblazoned with three red stripes.

He changes the channel to watch news about Vietnam’s state of affairs. Today it’s a mix between President Barack Obama’s recent visit to eat Pho with Anthony Bourdain and the arrests of more native journalists and bloggers, their faces forming a mosaic as the network illustrates the scale of the crackdown.

In a sense, he is still home and war hasn’t ended. Continue reading Vietnamese Veterans Continue to Feel War’s Lasting Impact