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South Seattle Pizza Showdown: Tutta Bella

by Rosalind Brazel

Setting out on a quest to find the best pizza in South Seattle started at Tutta Bella where Joe Fugure started his foray into the pizza world in Naples, Italy.  A three-week intensive training taught him not just the basics of making dough, loading it with toppings and throwing it in the oven. He learned the art of dough making that includes using the very best ingredients to make the crust crackle when its cut. He learned the quality of the cheese is more important than the quantity. Most importantly, he learned the cook on a pizza is everything. Continue reading South Seattle Pizza Showdown: Tutta Bella

Plate of Nations Seasons South Seattle With International Flavor

by Rosalind Brazel 

From the onset of the marketing plan designed to dazzle diners with the diverse international cuisine along MLK in the South End, Farah Ismail has been a believer.

He signed on to participate in 2012 when Plate of Nations started and he continues to enjoy the two week span each year. Ismail – owner of Bananas Grill, along with ten other restaurant owners, offer a sharable platter of food that represents the best each establishment has to offer. Continue reading Plate of Nations Seasons South Seattle With International Flavor

Taste Washington’s Creamiest Bite

by Rosalind Brazel

Tucked into a quiet corner in a crowded CenturyLink Events Center at one of the biggest food and wine events of the year is Rusty Federman. He and his team are serving Rusty’s Famous Cheesecake bites to a very discerning audience at Taste Washington. Thousands battled rain and a formidable line at the door to taste the best food bites from the region’s top restaurants and drink endless wine samples from 235 Washington wineries. Continue reading Taste Washington’s Creamiest Bite

Review: Tradition and More at Adu Café

by Rosalind Brazel

Ethiopian food is not a scarce commodity in Seattle’s Central District where I live. Not by a long shot. We’ve got options. In fact, it’s a much discovered and heartily enjoyed cuisine in Seattle’s culture. Vegetarians and meat eaters alike consume the richly stewed, strongly seasoned food in significant quantities.  And complaints are few about the spongy sourdough flat bread called Injera that serves as side dish, silverware and sometimes serving platter. Continue reading Review: Tradition and More at Adu Café

Food Review: Perihelion Brewery Hits It Out of the Park

by Robin Boland

If you haven’t yet visited the newest addition to the food/drink options on Beacon Hill, Perihelion Brewery, you’re overdue. Located kitty corner from the Beacon Hill light rail station and the Red Apple market it is a welcoming, family-friendly addition to the neighborhood. My co-workers and I managed to grab a sunny outdoor table during happy hour (4-5pm) last week, first sampling (and becoming addicted to) the guest cider on tap, a Schilling’s seasonal grapefruit cider, accompanied by the house sweet potato fries appetizer (hungry yet?). Continue reading Food Review: Perihelion Brewery Hits It Out of the Park