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Chow Down for a Cause Through Columbia & Hillman City Tonight

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Let’s be honest, what do you tell your friends or family when they ask you why you live in south Seattle? You tell them it’s diverse, you love the sense of community, and the people are friendly compared to the rest of Seattle. Maybe this is what you tell them when you’re not feeling cynical. And you’re right, this is what makes our neighborhood great!

This Tuesday the Rainier Valley Food Bank is offering an opportunity to experience all of this in one night. They are hosting Chow Down, described as a “one day culinary tour of Columbia City and Hillman City”. The event sells tickets, or “passports” as they call them, for $50 each. They include options to enjoy a sample at 19 participating restaurants and bars in the neighborhood. One resident once described the food scene down here by saying “spin the globe and throw down your finger, that country’s cuisine is only five blocks down the road.” Chow Down definitely tries to offer this with restaurants that include Caribbean, Kenyan, Ethiopian, Vietnamese, British, Peruvian and Thai foods as only a sample of the full list.

Let’s not forget the main reason this event is being thrown. People in our zip code and surrounding zip codes are going hungry. The causes are extensive to things we wish we could fix, like housing and the cost of health care, to things that are easier to turn away from like substance abuse and mental health. The staff and volunteers at the Rainier Valley Food Bank face these issues head on every week. Here’s your chance to support their work and what you love about the place you call home.

The event is Tuesday, July 28th from 5:00pm until 9:00pm. Tickets (or passports) are on sale at or at the check in table in front of Andaluz (4908 Rainier Ave S) prior to and during the event.

Traveling Worlds of Flavor via Olympic Express

by Jennifer Cox, Food Writer

Photo Credit: Jennifer Cox
Photo Credit: Jennifer Cox

Spring is the season of restaurant events in Seattle, and I’ll use any excuse to dine out. Yet as a South Seattle resident, my disappointment was deep in that between the 63 restaurants of Dine Around Seattle and the 165 plus of Seattle Restaurant Week, only ONE eatery is actually located in South Seattle. Continue reading Traveling Worlds of Flavor via Olympic Express

Plate of Nations: South Seattle’s Global Buffet

by Staff Writer

A breakfast of fit fit  from Ethiopia, a lunch of Nem Cuon from Vietnam, topped of with an evening  dinner of scrumptious carnitas from Mexico leaving your belly on the brink of bursting. Normally such a reality would require either a king’s ransom worth of frequent flyer miles or a vomit inducing fortune which allowed such cavalier continent hopping. Fortunately South End residents haven’t found it necessary to step foot outside of their domain over the past week in order to be treated to a global buffet as Plate of Nations kicked off last week. Continue reading Plate of Nations: South Seattle’s Global Buffet