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Seattle is No Longer a Village

A local organization attempted to acquire property, and came to terms with the reality of Seattle’s real estate market, yet again.

 by David Sauvion

When we say, “It takes a village,” we mean it takes the whole village. Remove one member of the community, and the whole effort falls apart.

In this latest example, we have all the right players lined up, a relationship with the seller, with the seller’s broker, an agent involved in the community, an angel investor, a dedicated fiscal sponsor, a supportive land preservation organization, and a group of hopeful fighters. Continue reading Seattle is No Longer a Village

$15 Million in New Revenue from the Sugary Beverage Tax – How Should It Be Used?

by Yolanda Matthews and Leika Suzumura

Let us start by sharing some initial thoughts about the Sugary Beverage Tax, why we got involved, and how we came to be sitting at this Community Advisory Table(CAB). We first heard about the potential of a sugary beverage tax through the Got Green Food Access Committee. It had recently been passed in other cities and was being talked about very enthusiastically by several on Seattle City Council. Continue reading $15 Million in New Revenue from the Sugary Beverage Tax – How Should It Be Used?

Powerful Schools YMCA Closing, Leaving the Community Behind

by Erin Okuno, Idil Danan, Heather Hart

This coming summer southeast Seattle will have fewer summer school options for elementary school students partially due to the closure and withdrawal of the YMCA of Greater Seattle’s Powerful Schools programs. In 2014, the YMCA took over the local Powerful Schools organization and merged it into the Y’s slate of education programs. At the time they signaled they were interested in supporting and expanding into the Rainier Valley and South Seattle. Yet, less than four years later the Y has abruptly decided to close Powerful Schools, leaving hundreds of elementary school students and families without summer school and next school year without afterschool programs. Continue reading Powerful Schools YMCA Closing, Leaving the Community Behind

Seattle Spent Over $10 million on Homeless Sweeps in 2017

The new tax on Amazon could mean spending even more

by Dae Shik Kim Hawkins Jr. & Guy Oron (Op-Ed columnists)

Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant’s anti-sweep amendment was voted down 8-1 at Monday’s full council meeting. The amendment would have prevented any of the recently passed head tax funds (an average of $47.4 million per year, $275 per employee) to be allocated towards sweeps of homeless encampments. Continue reading Seattle Spent Over $10 million on Homeless Sweeps in 2017

Let’s Call Amazon’s Bluff

Amazon says they’ll halt new office projects if Seattle enacts an employee head tax. Good.

by Geov Parrish, Op-Ed Columnist

The debate over a proposed Employee Head Tax (EHT) on our city’s largest employers, with revenue dedicated to affordable housing and homelessness services, is coming to a head. After eight months of debate, the Seattle City Council is scrambling to meet a self-imposed mid-May deadline for trying to pass the proposal, with a final vote currently scheduled for Monday, May 14. Continue reading Let’s Call Amazon’s Bluff