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What a High School Textbook Taught Me About Migration

by Fathi Qarshie

Roni Dean-Burren the mother of the 15 year old boy who pointed out, in his geography textbook, words that distort the grave history of the Atlantic slave trade, ignited outrage on social media, eventually forcing, McGraw, the nation’s largest textbook publisher to apologize. At the center of controversy was the use of the word ‘workers’ rather than slaves to narrate the odyssey of the Africans’ forcefully brought to the New World to labor in plantation camps. Continue reading What a High School Textbook Taught Me About Migration

The Case for Tammy Morales

by Reagan Jackson (featured photo by Alex Garland)

Editor’s Note: We asked two District 2 residents to make a case for each of the candidates vying to represent the district as its first ever city council representative.  This is the first of those two articles.

With elections around the corner, the race for city council in district two has come down to new comer Tammy Morales and incumbent Bruce Harrell.  For the past year the race could easily be considered a David vs. Goliath match up, with Harrell clearly ahead in terms of funding, name recognition, and of course the added advantage of eight years of experience on the City Council. Continue reading The Case for Tammy Morales

Op-Ed: What the Whitlatch Case Reveals About Police Reform Efforts

by Tammy Morales

The safety of our community and the mistrust between community members and our police force are among the most pressing issues we face in Seattle. Despite the Seattle Police Department (SPD) being under a US Department of Justice consent decree since 2012 these issues still plague us. Continue reading Op-Ed: What the Whitlatch Case Reveals About Police Reform Efforts

Bernus Interuptus and the Cannibalism of the Left

by Paul Nelson

I was at the now infamous 8.8.15 rally at which Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) was interrupted by two speakers claiming to represent Black Lives Matter. My reaction that day, after sitting through speaker after speaker (many of whom made the same points) in the warm and sometimes hot sun, with my child care deadline of 3:30pm looming, was that of disappointment, at very least. The speakers interrupted what I (and thousands of others) came to witness, which was the public appearance of a presidential candidate who represents our views better than any other major party presidential candidate of my lifetime. (I’m 53 and the son of a union Dad raised in depression Chicago by a single Mom and a Cuban-immigrant Mother who also raised 4 kids in poverty.) Continue reading Bernus Interuptus and the Cannibalism of the Left

Where Does Youth Violence Really Come From?

by James Williams

Two South End Mothers Bury Children

Mulhdata Dawud, an Oromo youth who lived in New Holly, had his flame extinguished on July 29th.  He was killed in a drive-by shooting that took place in Federal Way.  Two friends in the car with him were also shot.  The deceased 20 year old was cherished by his community and known as a family man.  He was born fifth of nine children and raised by loving parents.  He will be missed by all, especially his older sister and niece.  Mulhdata had never been in trouble with the law.  He was the last person anyone would have expected to pass in this way.   Continue reading Where Does Youth Violence Really Come From?