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Accomplices Versus Allies

by Reagan Jackson

Living in the self congratulatory liberal bubble of Seattle I find myself surrounded by White allies. Allyship here is a common concept that I used to believe meant being willing to acknowledge and stand up for someone else’s humanity.

 Recently I came across a blog post by Indigenous Action Media that challenged my thinking and introduced me to a concept that I am intimately acquainted with yet didn’t have a name for, the Allyship Industrial Complex. Continue reading Accomplices Versus Allies

Homelessness: A Reality Somehow Dismissed

by Kelsey Hamlin

Preface: Before I begin this piece, it should be noted that the faces of homelessness are many, and remarkably different. They can range from five months old to 80 years old; they can be completely sober or battling addiction; they can be escaping abuse or unable to pay rent. The ways in which a person becomes homeless vary, and there is no one way to look at homelessness nor cover everybody it impacts. Homelessness is simply too broad, and there are too many who suffer from it.

With that, I present but one story of a homeless, single mother: Ronda Althaus.

“I’m not from here, so it was a lot scarier for me,” Ronda said, recalling her first official night out on the streets of Seattle with no place to stay. Her lips quivered and her voice shook as tears gathered in her eyes. “I felt in danger and at risk. I walked for hours in the rain, left my things. People are looking at you like you don’t belong.” Continue reading Homelessness: A Reality Somehow Dismissed

Articles of Faith: “I was Certain the Orlando Shooter was Christian”

by Mike Denton

I woke up early Sunday morning. The sun comes up early this time of year and I tend to rise with it. I treasure the time. This is my time to think and pray and take a few deep breaths. I’m a Christian minister in the United Church of Christ. I work on the regional level and am usually in a different church every Sunday morning. I was reveling in the fact that, this particular morning, there was nowhere I had to be. Continue reading Articles of Faith: “I was Certain the Orlando Shooter was Christian”

Trump And the Immoral Policy of The Republican Party

by John Stafford


There are a variety of interpretations regarding the meaning of the rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 GOP presidential primary.  Perhaps the most common is that this is an anti-establishment election, reflecting voter frustration with partisan gridlock.  This narrative holds that Trump and Sanders are two (very different) sides of the same coin – outsiders working against the establishment.  Continue reading Trump And the Immoral Policy of The Republican Party

Shooting Down the Mayor’s Gunshot Locator Proposal

by Tammy Morales

Tonight Mayor Ed Murray will be at Redwing Café in Rainier Beach to discuss a proposed pilot project he’s calling Acoustic Gunshot Locator System. It’s a microphone system that triangulates a location when the sensors are triggered by the sound of gunfire. While you enjoy a grilled hummus sandwich at Redwing, ask the Mayor if this is the best use of public money – local or federal. Continue reading Shooting Down the Mayor’s Gunshot Locator Proposal

Op-Ed: Agree With Our Message, But Not With Our Methods?

by Michael “Renaissance” Moynihan

As a local organizer, I keep hearing over and over that people agree with the issues we are protesting, but that they disagree with our methods of protest. To me, and to anybody else who knows the history of Civil Rights and Black Power in the United States will recognize this as something right out of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail (1963). While sitting in jail in Birmingham, Alabama after being arrested for yet another peaceful demonstration during Project C (for confrontation), King wrote a letter in response to many of the white clergy who chastised King for the methods the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) were employing. It is interesting that these clergy members chose to chastise King and SCLC, instead of Bull Conner and his police department for unleashing firehoses and attack dogs upon peaceful protestors; or for the segregation and discrimination that was rampant in the Birmingham at the time. The clergy were not writing to chastise the federal government and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for sitting idly by and watching Freedom Rider buses be bombed and the Freedom Riders beaten within inches of death. No, they chastised the oppressed for challenging their oppression in one of the only manners left for them to do so. These people that I am hearing agree with our message, but disagree with our methods sound and feel to me as being no different than the white clergy that King was responding to. Continue reading Op-Ed: Agree With Our Message, But Not With Our Methods?

Seattle’s Homeless Problem: Enough Already

by Polly Trout

On the evening of January 26, three homeless teens killed two people and wounded three more. The shooting took place in The Jungle, a homeless encampment that stretches on the west side of Beacon Hill, in the greenbelt and under I-5. Their mother was also homeless, and their father in prison. They had been placed in the foster care system, which had failed to find them places to live that they were willing to stay. The news of the shooting interrupted a press conference that the mayor was giving about homelessness, in which he complained that homeless advocates are expecting too much from the city. Continue reading Seattle’s Homeless Problem: Enough Already

“Macklemore, White Privilege 2, White Allies, and Black Liberation”

by Amir Islam

Ours is the story of two young men who grew up just miles apart similar in many ways, but with different paths. I have known Ben Haggerty a.k.a. Macklemore since our childhood days. We grew up together, and although not the best of friends we shared childhood memories, busted raps together, ran in some of the same circles, and later on in life we would keep up with each other, even crossing paths on our road to recovery from drug addiction. Continue reading “Macklemore, White Privilege 2, White Allies, and Black Liberation”