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U.S. Public Schools Are in Danger

by Ken Zeichner 

President-Elect Donald Trump has nominated school privatization advocate and billionaire Elizabeth (Betsy) DeVos of Grand Rapids Michigan to be the next U.S. Secretary of Education. The appointment of DeVos as Secretary of Education will mean big trouble for efforts to strengthen public schools in the U.S., and will harm many children and families. Continue reading U.S. Public Schools Are in Danger

Make America Again

by Benjamin Hunter

(The following is the transcript of a speech given at Seattle College’s  44th Annual Community Celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. which took place January 13 at Mt. Zion Baptist Church) 

My work revolves around looking to the past.  Preparing for something like this brings me back to those that have spoken on this issue before me; in another place or another period of time.  The philosophies from every elder before us whose watched and witnessed the ebb and flow of a nation created.  The smell of the air, the sound of the wind, even the taste of things enhance or fade with the evolutions and devolutions of a growing society.   I think of them and say thank you.  Continue reading Make America Again

The 5th Estate Episode 13: MLK Day, Everyday

Hanna and DJ talk about the news from the Legislature (chiefly, the discriminatory anti-trans bathroom bill and what you can do about it) and what white people can do for MLK Day (hint: Not post dumb-ass memes). 

Then Marcus finally shows up and talks to Congressman Adam Smith about all kinds of stuff, but mostly, what he’s doing to fight back in Trump’s America.

Seattle Public Schools Should Shelter High Poverty Schools from Budget Cuts

by Rebecca Chase-Chen

One afternoon in late November, as I was cleaning my classroom and preparing materials for the next day’s lessons, an email arrived. Unlike the colorful advertisements for classroom products and brief reminders about upcoming meetings, I immediately saw this email was different.  There was no colorful title, no graphics, just the subject line, in all caps: SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS BUDGET UPDATE. As I started to read, my head, heart and stomach felt sick as I read the words. 74 million dollar shortfall. Crisis. Significant cuts.          Continue reading Seattle Public Schools Should Shelter High Poverty Schools from Budget Cuts