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So, What Do We Do With Youth Who Attempt To Kill?

by Nikkita Oliver and Gyasi Ross

It is true. People harm each other. In our current world this seems an unavoidable inevitability. The certitude of which is frightening for many. This fear often drives the public into the arms of anything that might offer a semblance of protection–like jails or police. Or we just throw money at the problem. This will surely make it go away! Continue reading So, What Do We Do With Youth Who Attempt To Kill?

Action Items for Those at a Loss, Part 2

by Kelsey Hamlin

As a new year approaches, people continue to ask what actions they can take to improve the lot of the world. Locally, a sea of community faces come together time and time again, but feel like they’re in some sort of limbo, no matter how much they want to help.

This is all unfortunately a reaction to the U.S. president-elect, Donald Trump, winning office despite running a campaign short on substantive policies and heavy on hateful rhetoric. Specific jobs, movements, identities, and people have already been targeted by his campaign and many fear it will only get worse. But what can people do? What can allies do? Continue reading Action Items for Those at a Loss, Part 2

There’s No “Rapid” Solution To Long-term Issues

By Margaret Desmules

Note from the author: In 2015, Mayor Murray declared a “state of emergency over homelessness” in Seattle. In the most recent count, there are more than 7,000 kids experiencing homelessness in King County. Multiple funders and organizations came together to form All Home, a coalition to end homelessness. A “homelessness consultant”, Barbara Poppe, was hired last year to provide recommendations to the city.

She made more than $100,000 from this contract and advised to close almost all transitional housing programs and fund a program called Rapid Rehousing, which pays for move-in costs and a few months rent for families experiencing homelessness. Rapid Rehousing has been successful in other cities, but with Seattle’s housing market, families are often set up to fail with Rapid Rehousing as it is difficult to pay such high rents after the assistance stops. The following is a single mom’s first-hand experience with Rapid Rehousing and navigating through Seattle’s homeless assistance services. Continue reading There’s No “Rapid” Solution To Long-term Issues