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Rallying to Protect Public Education


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Interview by Erin Okuno 

Last Friday, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos spoke at a gala dinner in Bellevue for the Washington Policy Center, a free-market think tank based in Washington. As the fundraiser was underway, about 1,500 people protested in an action organized by the Equity in Education Coalition and partners. Continue reading Rallying to Protect Public Education

Passing The Baton to Communities That Need It Most

by Johnny Fikru

At the end of September, environmental justice organization Got Green hosted a private event at the Southside Commons filled with an unlikely bunch. The audience consisted of business leaders, nonprofits, government agencies and young leaders in the community.

The reason for the gathering:  A chance to use the mechanism of entry level, green living wage jobs to create more leaders of color in the environmental movement and to address wealth redistribution Continue reading Passing The Baton to Communities That Need It Most

Indigenous Peoples Day, Everyday

words by Nikkita Oliver

photos by Sharon H Chang

Each year more and more cities are celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day and rightly so.

Columbus did not discover the Americas as many sovereign Native nations were already living here on Turtle Island (also known as the United States). His arrival was followed by diseases, which decimated Native communities, and left a painful history of colonialism and genocide. We should question why we would ever celebrate someone who left such devastation as his legacy! Continue reading Indigenous Peoples Day, Everyday

Local Socialist Feminist Group Still Kicking at 50

by Gina Petry

This year marks the golden anniversary of Radical Women, a grassroots socialist feminist organization based in Columbia City. The organization was founded on the revolutionary idea that the leadership of working-class women, especially women of color, is essential to social change. This idea is still fundamental to what Radical Women believes and does today. Continue reading Local Socialist Feminist Group Still Kicking at 50

Reclaiming the Narrative for Tommy Le

by Joe Nguyen

Immediately following the fatal shooting of hopeful high school graduate Tommy Le in June, the King County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release headlined, Deputy Shoots Man Claiming to be the “Creator.” Tommy Le, described the release, “was shot by one Deputy as he advanced on them.” This initial coverage lead us to believe that deputies were forced to shoot an imposing, knife-wielding maniac as he charged them. The release painted a clear picture of mental illness and Tommy Le as a dangerous threat. Continue reading Reclaiming the Narrative for Tommy Le

How Seward Park Audubon Center Turned a City Slicker Into a Bird Lover

by Rasheena Fountain

I am by nature a city girl. I enjoy bright lights and long walks down populated concrete sidewalks while street musicians fill the air with tunes. I am from Chicago, land of blues and backyard barbecue smells, where as a child I played double-dutch near curbs on city streets in my Westside neighborhood. Early mornings were abundant with the sounds of pigeons, rock doves, crows, and ravens, but those mostly blended with big-city noises such as loud car motors and high-volume voices. Continue reading How Seward Park Audubon Center Turned a City Slicker Into a Bird Lover