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School Budget Deficit Too Heavy A Price For Our Children

by Stephan Blanford, Seattle School Board Director 

On Wednesday, November 16, the seven members of the Seattle School Board heard some deeply troubling news during a special work session on the budget for upcoming school year. And then the school board proceeded to make that news much worse. Continue reading School Budget Deficit Too Heavy A Price For Our Children

The 5th Estate Episode 7th: The Battle for Standing Rock

We felt so bad about sleeping on the podcast the last few weeks we did a little double-up. So here’s a podcast where ~the gang is back together!!!~

In this ep, we do a little bit of political navel-gazing (but only a little!), we talk about the Troubles With White People (there are so many!), the budget (because IDK why not), and also DJ tells us about Standing Rock and what we all can do.

It’s good! Here it is! 

The 5th Estate Episode 6: Upgrading Seattle

HEYYYYYY did you think we forgot our podcast? WE DID NOT. It’s just that our producer went to Standing Rock like a bad-ass and also the world kind of fell apart but we! Are! Back!

So here’s the deal: A bummer of a thing happened with the City’s budget, which is that municipal broadband was quietly removed. Which really sucks. It sucks because every Councilmember said they supported it and then, when the time came, they didn’t really go through with it.

It also sucks because the activists behind it are amazing! Like Devin Glaser, of Upgrade Seattle, who’s a true gem,

Devin joined Marcus in the studio a couple weeks ago (before The Incident and also before the budget came out) and we think it’s a good interview so! Here it is:

What It’s Like To Be an Activist Parent, Post-Election

by Sharon H. Chang

ON ELECTION DAY I had every intention of getting my 7-year-old to bed on time. But we stayed up late glued to the TV. It felt critical. Eventually he passed out exhausted on the futon while my husband and I continued to stare horrified at the screen. After our worst fears were confirmed, my husband carried our boy downstairs and laid him in bed. Continue reading What It’s Like To Be an Activist Parent, Post-Election

America Devastates Itself

by John Stafford


November 8, 2016 was an inconceivable, shameful and dangerous day for America.

How does a candidate who:  questions the birth certificate of its first black president; refers to Mexicans as “rapists”, demonizes Muslims; demeans women; wants to increase tax cuts for the rich in an age of unprecedented income inequalities; calls global warming a concept, “…created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive”1; is copacetic about the prospects of nuclear weapon proliferation; knows virtually nothing about public policy; does not acknowledge scientific fact; says that, he could, “…shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters”2 ; and so on; become president of the United States? Continue reading America Devastates Itself