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Emerald Voices: Darryl Smith

by Sharon H. Chang

DARRYL SMITH, former Deputy Mayor of Community and founder of Columbia City Beatwalk, is not only a heartfelt but eloquent man. His words are smooth and dedication is profound in everything he says. More importantly he’s a community man, deeply invested resident and long time organizer. Simply put he cares. And, Darryl explains, he’s never known any other way. Born and raised in Englewood, New Jersey, in a racially diverse and political neighborhood called the Third Ward “I grew up in a household where my mom was the campaign manager for the first African American mayor in Bergen County,” he says. “It was normal to have Jewish friends and we all went to Quaker-run sleepaway camp…I just grew up like that.” Continue reading Emerald Voices: Darryl Smith

Vietnamese Veterans Continue to Feel War’s Lasting Impact

by Jeff Nguyen

Every year a huge celebration for Vietnamese veterans is held in Orange County, California. My grandfather, a veteran of the Vietnam War and proud member of the Vietnamese community, watches it religiously, staring intensely at the TV set. The pride on his face is evident as the color guard marches on stage carrying a bright yellow flag emblazoned with three red stripes.

He changes the channel to watch news about Vietnam’s state of affairs. Today it’s a mix between President Barack Obama’s recent visit to eat Pho with Anthony Bourdain and the arrests of more native journalists and bloggers, their faces forming a mosaic as the network illustrates the scale of the crackdown.

In a sense, he is still home and war hasn’t ended. Continue reading Vietnamese Veterans Continue to Feel War’s Lasting Impact

15 Under 30: Ahlaam Ibraahim

by Sharayah Lane

As the bus pulls up to the curb Ahlaam Ibraahim steps on. She walks down the isles and is greeted by the “normal” gawks of strangers as she finds a seat. More people load onto the bus at every stop, scampering to find a place to sit, and yet there remains a noticeably empty seat next to Ahlaam. Riders stand on this nearly jam-packed bus but the seat remains empty. Could it be their fear of a Muslim woman in a hijab or do people really just feel like standing uncomfortably today? There is never a way of telling exactly why people do what they do on bus. Continue reading 15 Under 30: Ahlaam Ibraahim

Emerald City Supporters: The Sounders Super Fan Base

by Jeff Nguyen, Student Intern

It’s incredibly hard to glance over them, even as the in-stadium music comes on over the speakers and the din of the gathering crowd grows to a roar. Singing, chanting, and shouting for 90 minutes on end, skull bandanas and elaborate flags, and an incredible, undeniable passion for the Seattle Sounders, puts a spotlight on CenturyLink Field’s South End, sections 121-123. This is the heartland of the Emerald City Supporters, a central authority in the rise of the Sounders’ fan base. Continue reading Emerald City Supporters: The Sounders Super Fan Base